When Comedy Kills

I once read that clowns (or comedians) are at an disadvantage as they cannot cry or be sad at any point in their career. (or something to that extent) Their careers are based on making others laugh. So, how could they be sad noh? I think this works the same for those who are supposedly witty or funny or who someone would call up to vent out to or just expect kind words. And no, this post isn’t entirely about me (I genuinely mean it!). It is also for those whom I remembered after Mrs Doubtfire succumbed to suicide following depression.

Who would’ve thought noh: fancy ass Hollywood celebrity with an impressive career, great family (or so we assume) and comedian most importantly, commit suicide?

The paradox is unimaginable that it is equivalent to seeing an animal-rights activist in a genuine fur coat.

But then, what most people fail to assume is that comedians and clowns too are people. Duh. They are very real as the person living next door to you and once they remove the mask that brings them money, they too are susceptible to the same emotions felt by others who are not comedians. They too have their “downtime” when nothing seems funny any more and slipping on a banana peel and hurting your bum actually hurts.

At times like this, it’s not pride but a sense of hopelessness and vulnerability that may not allow them to reach out to others for help. They are responsible for the laughter, if not happiness of others, so how would their audience feel if their source of laughter is not funny any more?

I’m not too sure what this post is supposed to serve as.

Because a part of my university (which I still remember) learning tells me that I need to be all Marxian-purpose driven ish.

Neither is it any mental health awareness week or depression awareness week or some badge / ribbon wearing volunteering cause nonsense, which at least I am aware of.

Perhaps, what I do want to say or try to say through this little piece of hopeless miserable writing is to reiterate the saying I just Googled,

The loneliest people can be the kindest. The saddest people sometimes smile the brightest. The most damaged people are filled with wisdom. All because they do not wish the pain they’ve endured on another soul. – Anonymous

and that is all there is to that.

I thought this would be apt noh. Google reads my mind at times. RIP Robin Williams (1951 – 2014). (c) Google

I’m sorry the post a very sunny one for a Monday morning (or as I write this on Sunday night), life has been trying and I’m trying to lean towards the sunlight, but God seems to send the clouds this way so yes, I’m running out of symbolic imagery here.



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