Why I Decided to “Come Out”

As a rule, I don’t blog or tweet or talk about work with “friends or family”. I mean, I do, but not in-depth conversations unless it includes milestone-ic events such as a raise or a new job. Why? Mostly because I am of the Mr Lorry-type life of compartmentalisation and hence, I don’t think blending the two is a wise option.

But it was only recently that I found out the impact of this choice on my career as a writer.

Please note, *running on the lines of a disclaimer here* this post is neither for self-promotion, nor for promotion of the event I took part in or anything on those lines. But some bits of information I found to be quite useful, which I thought I should share with my fellow bloggers 🙂

A Spark of Interest

I recently took part (or watched rather) a Google Hangout that spoke of a few key things that seem to have led to this blog post. It’s a week late I know, but these days the sun hardly comes out.

The Hangout was between two people I have now learned about and grown to respect because of the passion with which they write, communicate and take their interest in a certain subject to a whole new dimension.

The Hangout titled, “Writing a Revolution” focused on a few key things I took home as words of wisdom from bloggers who seemed to have revolted (for the better) through their writing. I made note of a few, hope they help you too:

  • For effective blogging and to drive traffic, link Kim Kardashian to your posts;
  • Consistent niché blogging pays off, even ten years after;
  • The biggest and most successful posts are the ones you shouldn’t write about!
  • When (attempting) writing a revolution, you must also be responsible for the revolution you are trying to create;
  • Three critical things for good blogs include: title, the start of your blog and the visual representation  (now you see my overly elaborate title eh. lol).

I found this image to be quite appropriate. Lol. (c) Google Images

On a personal note, I think there was also one more thing I found to be critical when trying to make an impact through your writing. While it is important for brands that use online marketing to “interact” with their audiences through various platforms, it is similarly important for bloggers to interact with their readers (and fans, Heaven if there are any!) as well. Hence, while publicising on social media is a good thing, you must also be able to represent your writing and that includes not hiding behind closed doors or protected profiles.

*cough. choke*

It’s a little difficult, I know, if you’ve always been behind the safe walls of a “padlock” (I’m not even going on perverted Freudian interpretations here) but, start looking at the positive hype it starts to create and hopefully it might help or pay off, someday 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why I Decided to “Come Out”

  1. Dinu G says:

    Ha ha ! I agree ……….Guess we need to take a chance and meet with few bloggers and start a blogger community 😉



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