This post might be different to that which I usually write about, shorter as well and yes I also missed my Tuesday blog post as well, but it’s Thursday and here I am, writing.

A few days ago, I was thinking while scrolling through my Twitter and Instagram feeds before I fell asleep (it’s habitual okei) on how many sentences one could start with a simple “Sometimes” usually resulting in something that they would “want” or “wish for”.

The list is endless. From designer wear to money to the a very fancy job that requires less work and more pay (LOL) or even, sometimes the ability to change who you are.

Change who you are, for the better of those around you; change who you are so that you would not be deemed a miserable heartless person for the rest of your life.

One of those days. (c) Google Images

One of those days. (c) Google Images

Sometimes I wish life was simpler,

sometimes I wish we remained children,

when life was easier and days were shorter

and responsibilities were only a blur.



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