Whoa. Who Saw THAT Coming!

I got on my blog today, like I always do, duh, despite the multiple notifications I get from both my phone and laptop via email, sigh at times I think they both try to compete with one another. Tsk. Children.

However, today’s post is about a little something that struck my pea brain and it was that I had 500 FOLLOWERS. Ohemgee right! Five years, five hundred, I mean that’s decent.


Actually, this follower talk has been going big because I am becoming a bigtime YouTube junkie, yes my professional career is sadly on the slide. GAH. But on a serious note, of the five hundred,

396 are my beloved Twitter followers.


Perhaps if I had an “open” Twitter account I would have more followers noh.


*rubs palms together*

But yes, I am still over the moon nonetheless I mean, whoa whoa whoa. 198 posts as well. I feel super overwhelmed about all this madness I mean, who would’ve thought that I would write so many articles within five years, that’s not a lot but it’s been a consistent relationship so shush, and moreover, have people actually follow me and read them!

So thank you to all the genuine followers and readers *kissies* and the bots who follow for absolutely no relevance and the Twitter followers for allowing me to spam your timelines with my posts.

Secretly stolen off my Instagram account. Yes, I use Instagram :D

I’m trying to shoo away Paparazzi. LOL. Secretly stolen off my Instagram account. Yes, I use Instagram 😀



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