05 Household DIY and Tips – I

And welcome! 🙂 

It’s not a Tuesday, yet but here I am! First up, let me do some explaining on my post because it doesn’t seem like another daily rant! 

I’ve always wanted to do a bit of a DIY or Tips n’ Tricks post because I’m really big on these guys. I read, BuzzFeed and educate myself, improvise, replicate and voila! I titled this “I” because I hope to continue with my little tips that do work at my place. 

Before I proceed to the Big Five, let me give you an intro to my household setting. I live with my folks, in a house that some may consider a little too big for three people. I usually disagree, but I see the point when I do a mandatory broom-hug once a week. I’m quite OCD, would’ve labelled everything in the house, but alas, it isn’t “mine” and therefore, certain limitations and self control are of course expected noh. The following are a combination of “hacks” (for want of a better word) I have accumulated from the parents, online videos and articles and stuff I’ve tried, tested and succeeded with. 

a) Dettol and Water Spray Can 

How many of you all have issues with flies? You don’t? And you live in Sri Lanka? Pfft. 

Old spray can, water and dettol jam. Also, lol at "Maaraya" :D

Old spray can, water and dettol jam. Also, lol at “Maaraya” 😀

Well, like most average “tropical” households, ours is no different and there are flies, plenty when there are fishies to be cooked but gah. They annoy me. My step-dad initially came up with this bright idea and my friend’s mum (who is OCD at a whole new level) also used this excessively (also because their average fish consumption is well, above average) and voila, their house is fly free. I KNOW RIGHT. 

What you need:

  • An old spray can / bottle (preferably one of those air freshener or glass cleaner thingies you would otherwise throw away)
  • Dettol
  • Water

What you need to do: 

Add a bit of Dettol and dilute it with water (the quantity is variable, if you have kids in the house, more water would be advisable I suppose) and spray away! Works wonderfully on kitchen counters, sinks and stove tops. If I am meal-cooking, I usually Dettol-spray the whole kitchen before and after. 

*If the flies are of uncontrollable amounts, mop the floor straight up with Dettol added to your bucket of water. 

b) Zaza Fly Bait 

I don’t have a pic of this, because we seem to have run out of it at home! But warning, I don’t think it’s advisable if you have children around. It’s quite strong, it even once got a gecko killed. Rama, I know. It’s around LKR 80, easy peasy noh. I mean, it’s cheaper than a burger at McDonald’s! 😀 Basically, it’s just a few pink crystal like substance that you “serve” on the cardboard tray it comes with. You leave it at a highly fly-dense area and in no time you see the little suckers lying dead on the tray. Very sadistic and very pleasing. Muhaha.

c) Candles! 

Haha. Dilapidated. I think a candle update is required.

Haha. Dilapidated. I think a candle update is required.

I really like candles. From the scented, to the non-scented to the nikan white candles. I cannot imagine life without them. It once came to a point where I had so many candles that I burnt a few to make room for the others. Sigh. The sacrifice! For example, all bathrooms in the house have two essential things (apart from the usual toiletries): candles (and a match box) and handwash! 

The dining table candles that uhm no one uses. Ikr.

The dining table candles that uhm no one uses. Ikr.

In this instance, I use candles in my kitchen (again!) for flies! By now, you must think that I live in some fly-infested house. Lol. But truly, I don’t. It’s just that I use these options alternatively. For example, I can’t use candles, if the fan is on noh. The candle tip was a hand-me-down from the Mothership. Candles make everything better. Yay. 

d) Plastic Bag (uhm) Holder / Jar 

This is a BuzzFeed ripoff me thinks. To be honest, this is time consuming and I am the only person in the house genuinely interested in doing so and well, yea. If you live in a Lankan house or even Indian (I had the same problem there, except we had an extra basin in the house!) or wherever you end up with endless polythene bags,  – yes, I know I’m a green person and all and we have two standard grocery bags but for stuff like rice, vegetables or even with your weekly shopping and your reusable bags do not suffice! – you know what I am talking about. 

What you need: 

  • All the excess polythene bags in your kitchen
  • An old jar (I used on of the old jars we used to store sugar in. Most houses change their condiments or tea/sugar/coffee/milk jars periodically noh)
Well, that must be my Mother's effort of stuffing the bag in the jar. haha <3

Well, that must be my Mother’s effort of stuffing the bag in the jar. haha ❤

What you need to do: 

Basically you fold your bags in neat little squares and place it at the bottom of the jar. It:

  • Doesn’t stock up easily
  • Doesn’t leave your bags lying around
  • Makes things easy peasy

*You could also segregate your bags into different jars, depending on what was in the bag initially. Then, you could decide when reusing it if it should be your next garbage bag or the one you put your tomatoes in 🙂

e) Workstation Madness! 

So, if you are the type who works at home or works in front of a laptop for most part of the day, then this one is for you. 

One thing I have found consistent as a writer or an individual who writes is my need to get away from the laptop. Lol. I mean, any excuse to walk around the house and talk to myself and well you know, usual self-imposed distractions. 

So to keep myself on my bottoms, especially on the nice new chair my Mother got me *Yay MAMA! <3* I get all my essentials around me. This way, no excuse missy, you are seated right here. I also have a small-ish room and my book shelf is an arm’s reach away so tough luck!

My Table 

My table! Or bits of it.

My table! Or bits of it.

Has my headphones, water, tea! (yes for long nights and days), dictionary, thesaurus, various notebooks (I use different notebooks for different tasks), foot cream and day planner! And the rest of the junk you see lying around. When I declare to myself that my day is “done”, I write a list of things to follow up on the next day. I like to tell myself that it keeps me on my toes.

On the Ground 

My handbag or whatever bag I used last, my other notebooks, work-related reading material and more books. 

I also have my laptop and phone chargers next to me so well, you know, priorities. 

While clicking the pictures I did come with a few more “hacks” that I used, will share them soon. 

Thank you for reading and do let me know if there is anything I could try out as well! 

Have a blessed week my babies 🙂

2 thoughts on “05 Household DIY and Tips – I

  1. Dinu G says:

    Enjoyed Reading your post ! Few points to add is we have used the Zazafly and advice not to use outdoors ( porch ect ) as it seem to attract nearby flies too ( trust me .. have seen this and we eventually stopped it .. The dettol and candle works wonders and we use a swatter too .. ha ha … we are mean .. )

    For the shopping bags we have a cloth bag holder which is two outlets , top n bottom .. so the bags can be used in FIFO . Any extra bags get stuffed in to the bag holder one by one and when ever u need , u can pull one from bottom … This works for me as folding is a bit time consuming for me ….


    • Jillinthebox90 says:

      Hi Dinu!

      Thanks for reading 🙂 LOL at the swatter!! The cloth bag idea also does sound good. I once read of a similar idea with a plastic container! I think I’ll try my luck with your idea, perhaps the household will be more co-operative 😀



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