On (the Art of) Letting Go

Too soon? No, I don’t think so noh. It’s a Saturday night and what better way to spend it while I wait for my movies to download! 🙂 Well two of the three already have, hitting that FUP or whatever that is called, too soon, but eh, we hit the 20s and you know what that means, PAY! (eventually that is. LOL)

But yes, yes, yes. To more important concerns in life: on letting go.

I’m being all positively sunny these days. Why, you may ask? Lots of reasons but mostly because I felt the need to stay positive as it seems to reflect better on myself, the work I do (hopefully my writing as well!) and well, those around me.

I have this podi (small) theory on removing myself from negative situations and circumstances (if possible) and similarly, not being around too many people when I am not too sunny. I’m not going to throw some The Secret knowledge or my wannabe-yogi-jazz at you but, it is true! Negative energy is well, negative. Duh.

<please insert slow clap fx>

When I speak of letting go, I mean letting go in the context of two situations:

a) Letting go of say a child or when you first learn to ride a bike without training wheels;

b) Letting go of your preconceived notions and inhibitions of what held you back earlier in life.

Because, well Game of Thrones.

“Perhaps you should speak to me more softly then. Monsters are dangerous and, just now, kings are dying like flies,” Tyrion Lannister.

<please insert slow clap fx>

 Yes, I’m still recovering from the fact that THERE WILL BE NO GoT EPISODE ON MONDAY SO PLEASE EXCUSE ME QUOTING the series at every post 😥

Ooh. Google Images had just what I was looking for! WIN! :D

Ooh. Google Images had just what I was looking for! WIN! 😀 (c) Google Images

On a more serious note, let go not because life is too short (actually I’m not too sure right now, given my ‘other-half-breed-“kind”) but, because you would be spending most of your life ahead working, networking and washing dishes or buying karapincha (curry leaves) on a Saturday morning while sipping on lime juice to get yourself out of Friday night’s hangover or doing something equally family-(chore)-bound. You could remove yourself from either of these situations, I do agree, but then some of us like doing more things than we can handle that sometimes we forget that there might be others (out there) who would actually make a difference in your life, so much so to an extent that you do not realise, only if you let them be a part of it.

Yes, letting someone go (out there to the big bad ugly world) can be scary. God forbid I am scared of the children (mine or my sister’s or friend’s or etc) I am entrusted to raise. I’ve grown up around a fiercely-yet subtly-protective Mother and I might be a control freak for all I know. But at the same time, I know I would have to let this kid out someday, as you cannot always be there for someone, because they need to grow up and learn to discover what is right and wrong for themselves.

Similarly, letting go of your preconceived notions too, is like the child you raised for so long, sheltered with bottles of sunscreen (I despise sunscreen fyi) and locks and keys and regulations. Like the child you expect to let go so they would learn what is right and wrong, letting go of yourself, and tipping your toes in the scary world out there is a good thing, because not only do you realise how alike all of us are, what a small world it is and how everything looks so beautiful, you also learn to take chances in life that you didn’t before and find happiness in things you didn’t think were once possible. This might also be a reason why I am thinking Nepal and bungee jumping.

Mad Saturday night love to all you babies.



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