The Story about Expectations

I am blogging, too soon, too soon. Just so everyone knows my dirty little secret from yesterday’s post, I wrote it on Sunday and scheduled in for yesterday for my “Blogging Tuesdays” thingamajig. #SeniSwag #BawsMode

So technically, this wouldn’t be too soon, in fact it might be that I might be getting back to a probable regular writing feat!

<conveniently ignore the x-number of wrong things in that sentence>

So while sitting at my table at home, making my way through work, sipping on coffee that my Mother made in the morning and the Maggi I craved for while waking up, I recalled this podi (small) video I watched yesterday. It was one of those beauty vloggers / YouTubers (see what I do with my life now), I think Michelle Phan or Wendy 😀

Anyhoo, point being, the video had this one line that worked at the back of my mind (and translated to this!), ’twas about expectations. She says how we should all have expectations or goals as something to well look forward to in life. Maximbady has his own interpretation of expectations too, well.

It’s not as though this was ‘new’ knowledge to me. No, I don’t think I would’ve made it through twenty-something years in life had I not had any expectations noh. However, I think it was one of those “gentle” reminders to in fact have expectations.

So why am I stating the obvious?

Well, somewhere down the line, I feel as though we all fall into that mundane drill of things. This could be a routine of any sorts: job, education, relationship or whatever else people do. At some point, we do fall into the mechanical reproduction as satirised by the fine Captain Chaplin and lose out on all emotion associated with what we do.

Why it happens, I am not too sure. Maybe it is a human tendency to become accustomed to ‘things’ in life and not savour on the ‘new’. In this light, the quest for adventure sports in some people actually makes sense. They seek adventure, excitement and live on the momentary ‘thrill’ for a few days of their life. Once the vacation is over, they go back to their daily routines of work, study and building relations, hopefully fresh and anew.

I have always been pro-routine and pro-monotony. I tell myself that it saves all of us from unwanted trouble and desire. Our very own Varys has his own interpretation on desire.

When I see what desire does to people, what it’s done to this country, I am very glad to have no part in it. Besides, the absence of desire leaves one free to pursue other things.

While I fully agree with what he says, I think that the lack of desire becomes a problem when another is present. Because the lack of ‘desire’ also has the capacity to come off as the lack of emotional attachment. Uh-oh. And expectations from whatever thingamajig you have found yourself entangled in. Double uh-oh.

I found this off Google and made it my wallpaper for a while <3

I found this off Google and made it my wallpaper for a while ❤ (c) Google Images

So what do I propose? For me, it would be to get my life back together, I feel as though each limb begins functioning on its own after few days of full-bodily-functionality and perhaps get myself to hold it together for a while longer. Haven’t ‘lost’ it yet, but Heaven forbid I wouldn’t want to go down that road again.. Also, maybe to set out a list of things to do. I always these lists yes, but do I have one for what I want to do in life? Like a bucket list of sorts? No, not really.

So here’s to us, and all the good things in life we expect to come our way.



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