Airborne Musings

1901 h – April 30, 2014

Man is but an insignificant thread in the complex web of human life. Or that (or something to that extent) is what  Chief Seattle once told us in our text books. The view of the clouds right now makes the statement of ‘head in the clouds’ almost come true. At this very moment, they seem closer than my neighbour’s house back in Sri Lanka. Sleep still hasn’t come to me, despite the (what I think is) sickness and dire exhaustion and reading seems tedious now. So write I will until my eyes close and dream a dream that I wouldn’t recall, but will hopefully flutter my way, only to be woken up by a blocked nose, blocked ears and the inability to hear myself. 

Just like I did this morning on my way to Delhi. It’s as though the Himalayas were against me for calling Nepal cold and bam, I could no longer hear my humming. My ears are getting there again and I wonder if my choice of clothes and opting wear a dress was a bright idea. Wearing socks with a dress when you are in your twenties doesn’t seem appealing either. 

I stop to have food. They decide to feed us early today. I eat the food, despite my lack of appetite and desire to evolve to nothingness. I find a sudden appreciation for warm food (I usually await till the food has ‘cooled down’) and eat the rice. Interestingly enough, the food has taste I seem to appreciate. Perhaps my overdose of dhal bath and Nepali hotel food didn’t do me good. 

On the seats to my right I see a glorious sunset. Reminded me of the fantastic view of the Himalayas that I saw this morning as well, again on the seats to my right. 

<insert air hostess serving wine and the gentleman next to me having wine with his beer>

The view of the mountains this morning brought in me a sudden desire to trek ‘the cold’ perhaps sometime next year. I might have to prepare myself both mentally and physically but the view was glorious and I pity myself for not having both a DSLR and the window seat on the ‘right’ side. 

It is at this moment do I wonder if those on the ‘right’ side actually looked out their miniature shutters. Even now, with the setting of the bright and fury sun. Perhaps, it is in the nature of people to appreciate less those which are closer to us that we have a desire to take for granted as ‘will always be there’ and an innate quality for those who are not as close to the said resource to have a more devout sincere appreciation, from afar, for it. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, I consider myself lucky to be in Delhi during their much despised ‘summers’ (it’s tragically warm to the extent of nearly 40*c at times) because I managed to catch far-off glimpses of the blissful sunset. I was also able to get an ariel view of the city during day time and boy, did the intro to Game of Thrones have as many similarities. Perhaps with more buildings in between, but the ‘geographical’ lines and boundaries we draw on our maps seemed very much real with the roads that were paved and the ‘summer’ cracks on earth that resulted in these ‘boundaries’. From atop, the view was magnificent and the buildings that seemed beyond measure when at ground level, draw striking similarities to that of a Lego village (I’ve never had much Lego only bits and pieces!). 

Again, I suppose it comes down to a matter of perspective. Of how large or small you expect the view or the event to be. Also a matter of –

<insert the gentleman opting to coffee as well!>

-perspective and the ability to know that what could be perceived as large, unnatural and even beyond the capacity of human fathom-ability (I coined that, yes), once you are given the advantage of ‘perspective’, tables turn and you suddenly find yourself in authority. (and) If you are wise, you ensure not to take advantage of it. 

Warm tea has been poured. Just a matter of returning to a good read and perhaps an hour of sleep. 

I’m coming home. 


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