My Two Cents

It’s been a while noh. I missed a few Toosdays and many days in between. Hayyo. Apologies for those who actually read my posts. I’ve been around and got myself involved with many things that I’m quite glad that I made it out alive. Was awaiting the end of March and voila, it’s almost here 🙂

I was initially going to do a bit of a roundup of my oh-so-not-very-happening life but then with all these UNHCR things happening around and Sri Lanka being the nasty one, I cannot keep quiet noh as a citizen? I mean, I apparently write best about stuff I see on the road and the boys I date and hearts I break but occasionally, I like to throw in my two cents and perhaps annoy the daylights out of people.

So, this was triggered by two articles, first the one I read on The Republic Square that gave me ‘insight’ beyond Daily Mirror’s usual-100 word articles and the second was on AlJazeera (where I actually spotted a typo! 😮 #WinJillSlashSeni )

Blasta Mastah.

Blasta Mastah.

The flow of this second article was very, for want of a better word, entertaining.

So, you get a ‘majority’ of the people in the North saying how international intervention is required and their willingness to testify if the need arises, despite it being too late. Whereas on the other hand, you get the perspective of Colombo on how it is important we move on in life, closing this chapter in local history books and moving forward with our efforts towards reconciliation. The only chap who differed from the rest was the last guy from Kilinochchi who said that international intervention was not required now, as they did not intervene when the war was “at its peak”. The Hindu priest goes on to say how he has rebuilt his life and an investigation would once again impact most severely on the vulnerable.

Having lived in the Western province during the time of war and having only been in the vicinity of bombs in Colombo, clearly I see why I wasn’t interviewed 😀

On a serious note however, while I think that an intervention or investigation is required, though, as the priest rightfully says, “It cannot bring back the dead” and thus, will not provide ‘justice’ of sorts. However, since the country is divided on this issue and since it is the right of the a Democratic country to address the needs of this country (yes, noh?), perhaps an investigation ought to be conducted in I dunno, a manner that would not offend the other half slash sensitive light and whatever other technicalities involved in the process, that could be tweaked to please the masses.

That would be my Friday night prayer.


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