YAY. To me. I could be so egoistic at times, I even surprise myself. This was supposed to come in sooner, but didn’t and a similar fate befell the longer post on some other concern and whole load of other writing I am yet to work on. Sigh. Mother fell sick today so I took over her job at home and at work before attending to my three other jobs. A few years ago I tricked myself into thinking that life becoming easier.

On a happier note however, I celebrated #175 last week with Johanns. It was a really nice evening and I couldn’t have thought of a better person to treat but an ardent reader and good friend 🙂

"Destroying double patty beef burger" - quote Johanns. Pics from Johanns's fancy Nexus 4 cam.

“Destroying double patty beef burgers” – quote Johanns.
Pics from Johanns’s fancy Nexus 4 cam.


4 thoughts on “#175

  1. rothbourne says:

    The nicest thing is being able to spend a fun evening with a friend and knowing that you made that person happy:

    Seni spending the evening (dinner rather) with you made me happy 🙂 So you did the nicest thing in my book 🙂



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