What Your Personality Says About You.

I mean, we’ve all seen these tests yes? And we have all taken them, some point on our lives. No shame. I’m not judging. Okay I am, slightly. Maybe coz I too have taken them and  they spoke the truth and nothing but the absolute truth at times but BAM, sometimes you just ask yourself, what the eff were the creators of these tests thinking and what the eff for you taking these istoopid tests online?

Also, apologies for the no-Tuesday post. Times aren’t too sunny. Or no, they actually are okay. An overcast day I would say. And I’m just being a lazy uhm wind. HAHA.

So, this funny thought struck me today. I realise that I’m partially OCD (no, it’s not as bad as you think) and usually keep the immediate environments around me neat and tidy okei. My room is usually neat and I like washing bathrooms (HARPIC #FORTHEWIN) and LOVE washing dishes (VIM #FORTHEDOUBLEWIN) and number of other supposedly housewife-ly activities I’ve been ‘acclaimed for’ since eighteen. I’m heading to my mid-twenties *tsk* and am happily unmarried.

So, as per the personality test I formulated in my head in the loo and while stuck in traffic today, an individual who likes their surroundings neat and tidy is ideally one who lives a calm, placid and uncomplicated life.

I so agree. I mean I go partying on Thursdays now. We brought the party to the club fellas. I like these personality tests I formulate, it’s reverse-reassurance.


P.S. – Let me know if I could use my psychology minor on you. Muhaha.

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