The People Series: Introducing Nithya Kodithuwakku Randeerage

Woots. It’s ­almost time for the People Series! And no you dirty bastard, I didn’t forget. Sheesh 😀 Well, this time around, I didn’t speak-in-person-buy-coffee-sort-of-thing coz this man is ‘Epicly’ busy and I was ‘Epicly’ lazy. Tsk. Sooooooo, I settled for the leetle information I’ve managed to bank over the extended Skype conversations.

So my December persona, (no it’s not Santa) is a guy from work, who does a lot of cool stuff with languages I do not understand. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Nithya Kodithuwakku Randeerage. He insists on all those letters being there as his Skype ID also. Go figure, Galle people 😛

So, while I was formulating the People Series, I just knew knew knew, that this boy had to be a part of it. Yes, he is a boy. It’s නිත්‍ය​ and if you can’t read Sinhala it’s /nɪθjʌ/ in transcription.

One of the main reasons I wanted to do a post about Nithya is his commitment towards things. I don’t find it right to go in to details and jazz, so will provide some of his links below *tsk* for the curious soul. But yes, commitment: be it relationships, work or personal goals. Also, Nithya doesn’t come alone. *please do not misinterpret, I’m typing this from work and trying my best not to laugh* He has two dynamic musketeers. I mean, the three of them must be together. Everywhere! Don’t even get me started with Foursquare check-ins. Bahahaha. But yes, those three fools have also been together >insert threesome< for aeons. Or two of them that soon became three and multiplied like those little bacteria. Sorry, I seem to have a nasty sense of humour today.

He is also a secret writer and envisions one day to write for these fellas. He does reviews and shiz lu. Now we all have a go-to tech-review fellow. Woots. When asked if he blogged, apparently he did, once upon a time and then deleted all the posts as it soon became dysfunctional. Ayyo salli.

This boy is seated a cubicle and a half behind me, sees everything that goes on my screen and occasionally Skypes a ‘Get off Twitter’ IM 😀 He also is one of those decent fellows who *Pasindu and Randula stop laughing* who double checks before throwing supposedly offensive language! Like w-h-o-a noh. I suppose if you tell him that-you-are-not-okay-with-the-use-of-offensive-language he may as well address you with a Mister slash Miss. I know. Holy mother of dragons.

A milo advocate, GoT fan *woots*, Android lover cheating on a MacBook Pro, Nithya does fancy stuff with software. I don’t really know what to even fluff it up in non-techy jargon. But yes, will miss this fellow and his +2s and a few others, soon. Buuuuut on the sunny side, I’m happy to have met them. Little rays of sunshine I must say 🙂

P.S. – The boys just graduated and got wasted! Congratulations! I hope you don’t go through the same existential dilemma that I’m trying to get rid of 😀

In case you wanted to stalk the fellow, here’s your chance.

LinkedIn | Twitter

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