I Blew My Candles

It's a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Thanks Suds, I deeeeed secretly like it :)

It’s a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Thanks Suds, I deeeeed secretly like it 🙂

It’s the most wonderful time of the year yes, but it’s also birthday month. Holla all Sagittarians, can I have an Amen! Actually I have no ruddy idea how the Zodiac works. Or the Chinese calendar or those things with horoscopes but yes, birthday time. Woots.

So for those who know me, I’m not big on birthdays. MY birthday. I don’t know why actually but then part of me is a little anti-birthday. I don’t really see the big deal about it but yes, I do give in to peer pressure and wear pretty clothes (I look fabulous btw with my little dress. wink) but yea, that’s about it. No cake also coz I’m not really a big fan of it. Hmm. I do love going all out for someone else’s birthday though, especially when they like this sort of a thing. Oh well. 

Mastermind: Akki dearest. I don’t have a picture with all these criminals alone (I’m also there!) but the dynamic thieves included David, Ani, Suds and Shali. The Mommy dearest was a little thrilled I think. Btw, I’m making you all read this so please note this part do not do 12 o’clock deals. Most people in the house, especially the last individual mentioned knock off hours before that and I feel bad. So don’t do twelve am and make me feel bad on my birthday, hokay? Thanks. Not being rude or anything! 😀

This year has been well, quite something. Graduated, settled back down in Sri Lanka, got a job, hmm. I quite haven’t still ‘settled’ in Sri Lanka to be honest, there is a lot of  space issues and individual twenty-something melodrama I need to figure out and trust me, it’s not going too well. The fact that Google doesn’t show Yahoo answers or Wikipedia has no page to describe the internal thing-amajig, doesn’t really help also.

Despite the self-imposed hiatus, I do tweet and blog on occasion, a little difficult to keep my mouth shut wage. I dunno. Where I am now, is not a nice place to be. Here’s hoping that this would translate to a bigger something, a book even.

Thank you to the jokers who came home and made my already-content evening filled with wrapping Christmas gifts, to one that was brimming with sunshine. Here’s to another wonderful year with these wonderful people and God’s good Grace.

I love you all. Google loves me too, I got my own doodle. Hurrah.

Woots! It's a Christmas party for orphans too! (Mum's boss is a richass)

Woots! It’s a Christmas party for orphans too! (Mum’s boss is a richass)


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