The People Series: Introducing Johanns Rogers

So, first up in our People Series is none other than my favourite commenter (ahem, because he comments often!): Johanns Rogers. He has quite a few links and I cannot hyperlink just one and perform grave injustice, so I will do so at the end of this post.

Johanns or Rothbourne as I call him off screen, I actually learnt how to pronounce the former name when we met to have a chat. It’s pronounced like this /ʤɐʊɥæɴʂ/ (the phonetic alphabet isn’t universal, wage). Which was supposed to be tea, but ultimately he cheated on with juice and I on cafe latte. Chee.

Well, the meeting was a long time coming. WAY WAY WAY before I even thought of attempting people-based posts and shiz. Despite having known Johanns through Twitter, I think he and I may share some ‘history’, in a way that the general public would never even dream of! Muhahaha. *laughs secretly with Rothboune*

So what does this guy do? For starters, he is a WRITER too. YAY. Also, he does a lot of other cool things with computers and stuff. No not like pro-coding and shiz, actually I don’t know if he does pro-coding :O I wouldn’t say exactly what these cool stuff are, because I might be breeching privacy and well not being all professional noh. But, he is into everything that is new, online at least. If there is a go-to social media person, I would consult him, after Google! 😀 Best of all, we seem to do bits of the same type of work in completely different fields, but he still sends me cool links on (ruddy) Google plus, which even he uses to make life easy! I like nice people like this, who share knowledge for the benefit of mankind 🙂 Win.

Also also also, during the tea-sesh I discovered that the man is compere and public announcer and is not afraid of audiences! Why hello!? I thought I was not alone in hiding behind the screen and putting up sexy pictures of my rear. Sigh. Looks like I am the only one .*cries in a corner* If TweetupSL is still looking for people, like hello? *waves hands* I mean, he can be shape eke funny at times also 😀 Also also also also, achievement unlocked, it seems! While we were tea-ing, the boy no tweet! I was of course being rude and whatsapping away to glory, with the homefolk of course, who else do I whatsapp with, noh! But this boy didn’t! He tweeted so also. Yay yay.

Proof, that I'm nice company! Muhaha.

Proof, that I’m nice company! Muhaha.

Coco was a nice place as always, lots of hottie girls around and all. Also, Johanns is one of those people, like my bestie in the States (who is coming down for Christmas, yay!) who would know that I wasn’t being rude, if I go MIA for a few days. It’s not always that you find friends who respect your bizarre need for space, but when you do, you ensure that you keep them as friends 🙂 Here’s to more tweets and virtual teas. Hurrah.

Here is how you get in touch with the superb guy who made it first to my self-proclaimed ‘People Series’ 

WordPress | Twitter |  LinkedIn | Blogspot


5 thoughts on “The People Series: Introducing Johanns Rogers

  1. rothbourne says:

    hawwwww… this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me =’]

    We did cheat on the Should-be tea shesh, maybe another time =]
    I enjoyed our micro meetup.

    Me a writer? anee…

    lol.. just to clarify. no ane no coding for me.. I tried and didn’t like it.

    anee this is so sweet. I shall cherish this post for all of eternity =D

    *bows in respect*.



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