Surviving CHOGM: Day Five #TheMorningDrive

Good morning lovelies! It’s Friday! I just realised noh. Well anyway I’m at work! Yay! Was at work a little while ago, *baws* but had to make coffee and shiz noh.

So, how’d I pull off today? Hmm hmm hmm? 😀 Well, I woke up when the alarm went off *yay*, for starters AND got ready and went and woke the mothership. I was received with  a series of:

  • “Why didn’t you tell me you were going earlier?”
  • “I didn’t even make food for you!”
  • “Nangi, we haven’t even made coffee!”
  • “Now I have to get ready!”
  • “You should’ve gone to work with Akki yesterday (which I knew after having applied for leave) and stayed today noh!”
My emergency CHOGM pack.

My emergency CHOGM pack.

Haney manda, Charlie. So, I hopped on board 170 bus at 6.50 am with bus-able clothes. Lols. Full patiyalas and a kurthi and a hugggge bag (see pic) filled with goodies-if-CHOGMed. Had to buy food and water and add to it though.

The roads were pretty clear for me and I was at Darley Road by 7.20 am! In case you didn’t know the 170 route that applied to me: Battarmulla – Rajagiriya – Borella – Town Hall – Darley Road. But there were no tukis so I walked a little to Gangarama and then found a kind tuki who would take me. Haney :’)

So, I get to work and no one is at work. My pretty tech writer isn’t here! WHOA. She is always here. But wait, I think she said something on the lines of a half day on Monday? *scratches head*

So, I shape eke picked out some bus fashions. Tsk. Sorry, I be busing after a good long while and whoa some ladies have real long nails painted red and shape eke high heels in the bus! Annnd, even dare to wear white skirts and no g strings! :O Blasphemy. The men, well meh. Nothing much there. However, I was quite inconvenienced by the guy who was sitting on my right that stopped me from changing the songs on the iPod. Sheesh.

Well, I’m not sure how the evening would roll out. Charlie and Camilla seem to be hogging quite a bit of road space there. Even the 177s are cruising down Ward Place.

Have a good Friday ya’ll. I need to hunt down some food.

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