Surviving CHOGM: Day Five #Aftermath

The last official CHOGM post in the series, though the post may not be traffic-y, this is for @road_lk for saving petrol the past few days.

Hellos. I’m back early! I bus-ed back home today and work sent us a mail saying to leave early coz of probable traffic. Buses were shape eke less but all good, was home by six pm! WHOA. Killer journeys they were 😀 I know!

But today’s been an interesting day so far. Edited a video in a day, like a baws and updated myself on a lot of shiz has been going down on the Sri Lankan Political scenario on ‘progressive’ media. Yes, I’m calling Social Media progressive because suddenly Twitter is becoming a 140-character-Parliament. Worst of all, despite the word limit, they still can’t express themselves or make their little speech effective!

The madness on my side of the screen began with that CNN video on YouTube. As I said on Twitter a few hours ago, while I continue to have serious reservations on Dr Nonis’ answers, which I’ll leave for my little pink journal, the comments on YouTube?!

Why hello?! Just a few days ago the world was protesting against the be-on-Google+ for comments thing-amjig, but NO! The whole of Sri Lanka got on ruddy Google + (which I continue to dislike) JUST TO comment on that video. 

While it’s okay for one or two Sri Lankans to go all patriotic and shiz (hey, I’m patriotic when required but no, I wouldn’t die for my country) wasn’t that perhaps the best display of some mass-scale-psuedo-virtual-patriotism? Are you telling me, that Sri Lanka is capable of not saying something different? Anything? Please? Puppy dog eyes? I mean, that Medhani chick did some ‘Ex-Alien’ video which was downright bad. BUT, there were some people (who didn’t come across as sarcastic, to me) who did go on the, “Sin, don’t say that to her, she is a little girl.” route. But hello?! This is not some ex-boyfriend – supernatural madness?! It’s the country’s political image (already horrendously tarnished by the workings of some brown skinned kangaroo) on the internet!

  • Isn’t it bad enough that we are being all nasty towards foreign media and shiz while they are in the country?
  • Isn’t it bad enough that we have already been looked down on and given the silent treatment slash go stand on the stool until you learn your lesson dealio from the international community?
  • Isn’t it bad enough that we still have missing local media personnel?

But no no no. We no learn. Learning of any form is beyond us. Perhaps, I would like to think that those in Authority did not foresee the consequences of hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. I mean it’s not as though the Human Rights allegations and non-implementation (correct me if I’m wrong, I haven’t been reading as much news) of the LLRC recommendation hadn’t shed enough limelight floodlights on the country’s dance floor already. It’s like how we were battling with Gold Coast to host the Commonwealth Games, which I’m pretty sure we couldn’t afford.

I dunno. Call me unpatriotic, but at this moment in time, it’s not about patriotism but showing the world who is sitting at our fancy hotels about how Sri Lanka has attempted to ‘learn from its mistakes’ and emerge a stronger, more educated nation, capable of defending itself when necessary and owing up to its mistakes when called out.

6 thoughts on “Surviving CHOGM: Day Five #Aftermath

  1. Germaine says:

    Yeah, you don’t understand diplomacy enough to talk about it, Seni. Please stick to blogging about people on buses and how you break boys’ hearts.


      • Germaine says:

        And those people, just like you, have a valid opinion which they chose to express on the YouTube thread. I don’t understand how that ties in with “Learning of any form is beyond us”.


      • jillinthebox90 says:

        See, I’m not a fan of Google plus to start with and second, I had a lot more to say, which is why my supposed-comment ran on to a blog post. Also, I suppose you are right then. Since everyone is learning to imitate the other with their comments, there is some learning there after all. My bad.



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