Surviving CHOGM: Day Three #Aftermath

I’m back. Yay. A little later that expected, but you can’t expect less when you are stuck in traffic for three hours. Well, there were some stops and detours involved but seriously, what was the deal with Battaramulla? I’m dreading the Thursday morning drive. News around the house is that Parliament Road, Japan-Sri Lanka Friendship Road and Rajagiriya are closed. This means, we go through Thalawathugoda-Madiwela-Nugegoda- BUT – Thummulla will be closed too coz of BMICH and other fancy reasons.

Akki and I contemplated the bus, because the mothership is not going anywhere with her spaceship and then listed out the (once) possibilities:

  • 177 : Rajagiriya closed
  • 190 : Borella AND Town Hall closed
  • 170 : -do –
  • 163 – 168 : Rajagiriya closed (so how would Kotte work?)
  • 174 – 138 : Go allllllll the way to Pannipitiya. Chee.

Haney, I don’t know. I told my pretty boss that I might work from home if things get real nasty. Sighs.

So, looking a bit in to the drive back home. It was quite pleasant actually. I didn’t drive today as well, in the name of being sick. Which I was. Saw the medicine man who gave me medicines. Sigh. I should really start paying for those stuff now. As I said earlier, it was smooth-ish yes, until we hit our hood. Ugly piece of work that was.

We did manage to catch a glimpse of a white man standing with his cameraman in the middle of the Horton Place roundabout (near IOC), “I suppose it is a fine day for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Sri Lanka, yes.” At the same time, I saw a few brown news reports on us being ‘outspoken’ about Government expenditure in lieu of the Meeting. Hmm. A friend on Twitter probed a valid point: what if the delegates by switch  to a local channel for some Sri Lankan feels? Not so hospitable, noh. See, my problem lies in two places:

a) Should the Government have tackled this concern (which I’m sure they foresaw) much earlier on? Perhaps have implemented a more strategic, well mapped out development plan (as opposed to the overnight changes) or educated slash generated awareness among the country folk on the importance of putting up a façade? A little voice tells me that the latter may have worked. Common agreement based on honesty. For once.


b) Should local media have taken a call and not displayed this? I’m sorry but which newspapers are considered ‘private’ again? By giving publicity to such news, are we trying to portray ourselves as ‘brave and fearless citizens who have the freedom to express themselves on local media‘ or should these media houses have decided for themselves and not displayed it at all, but only to have been hooted at by BOTH the uncanny politicians and righteous citizens on how they ran away in fear of been abducted by a white van.

I dunno. Tough call on both noh. But I would’ve gone with (a). Not because I once worked for the media, but the Government is theoretically elected by the people and throwing in a Democratic stance, for the people too. So should not these representatives then decide what is right?


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