Surviving CHOGM: Day Four #TheMorningDrive

Hello lovelies, good morning. This is me reporting to you live from, home. Yes, I didn’t go to work today. Why? Yes, I have paranoid parents. Buuuuuutt, our friends at @road_lk tell us that the roads weren’t not so bad? Well, it’s obviously not their fault. I mean, I have a murderous headache now and have become intolerably snappy. WHY, is the world doing this to me. *my failed attempt on creating d-r-a-m-a*

Well, let me tell you how shiz gets worse. When you finally agree to not go to work, comply with parental orders and apply for leave I hear a, “But you should’ve gone to work today! And sat at home tomorrow! Tomorrow would be worse hit! I don’t know where you will get this bus of yours tomorrow! Roads are closed!” That may have been only 0.3% exaggerated.

God, I’m seriously counting on you to remind me not to have kids. Okay?

2 thoughts on “Surviving CHOGM: Day Four #TheMorningDrive


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