Surviving CHOGM: Day Two #Aftermath

Hello my dear Lankans. Actually my favourite person from Nepal had looksee at this, so hello to her too. Sorry this came in a  little late. I had one of ze killer headaches last evening as well, (yes, I will get it checked, soon.) which was apparently accompanied by some fever *haw* and all I remember was sleeping in my work clothes. Haney.

So, last evening, my role comes to you as the passenger, from the backseat! 🙂 It’s been a long time since I was back there and it was a nice drive where I actually got to see the fancy trees and the pots and the plants that have found its away to my usual drive back home. And the bus stands! I REALLY WANT TO GO IN A  BUS NOW BECAUSE THE BUS STANDS ARE SO FANCY. They are made out of glass and shiz. Whoa. That’s like a piece of Dubai, cargo-ed. Right out of Trico, to the streets of Colombo. Nelum Pokuna (I cringe at that name as David cringes at ‘CHOGM’) had some fancy entrance being built overnight too. How that noh. Oh oh oh. Yesterday, or I think it was the day before, we also saw the fancy Mercs with the CHOGM number plates. FANCY shiz.

The street lights were of course switched on from 5.30 pm itself. Even those little yellow blinking lights that were once there at pedestrian crossings are now superbly functional. Sha. If you do drive past Green Path or take the 177, somewhere in the night (or when there is no sunlight) do ‘look through’ Viharamahadevi until you see the fancy shine of Town Hall. Did I mention this before? Or it must’ve been elsewhere, but if I haven’t, do check it out. It looked romantic, even to me! 😀

The houses are white, as requested. There were one or two devils who seemed to have defied the directive, I don’t know what became of them. The country now looks like every single house that hurries to: throw the unfolded laundry in the almara, puts on the carpet so the dust wouldn’t be seen, sweep the little dust to under the fridge and put quilts over the bed (quilts. in Sri Lanka. yes. absurd) because there is no time to fold the sheet or arrange the bed – before the visitors walk through the door.

4 thoughts on “Surviving CHOGM: Day Two #Aftermath

  1. sabh says:

    do you guys have street lights everywhere? on all roads? woah. We have in a few junctions but that too is usually off-ed because of powercuts. Driving in kathmandu is scary anyway but at night it is extremely dangerous. Survival is based purely on luck (and a little common sense). THAT bad.


    • jillinthebox90 says:

      Whoa. Yes we do. In Colombo for most of the part and most main roads in our province at least. I haven’t been travelling much but since we seem to be building highways and expressways like it’s nobody’s business, I think the roads are pretty lit. There could be no other explanation to the endless taxes and constant electricity tariff hikes.


  2. sabh says:

    nice analogy there, at the end. 🙂 #thirdworldshiz, though Nepal wouldn’t really bother cleaning up its mess for outsiders. It loves appearing ragged and desperate. By the way, bombs and all are exploding here. elections next week no.


    • jillinthebox90 says:

      Welcome, welcome. Well, I think over here, it’s important to rise against _and_ keep up with the facade of psot-war-reconciliation etc. We need to at some point show that all that blood shed was in the name of keeping the country clean or something. Whoa, are you guys okay? :O Why me no read news 😦 #Chee



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