Surviving CHOGM: Day Two #TheMorningDrive

Hello. I’m back. Again. So soon. See this CHOGM is making me blog more also. Kudos, wedamahaththaya! I have no idea where that came from. I’m actually writing the intro now, at 01.17 am to this so I wouldn’t spend too much time at work, blogging my worries out. Apparently Ashan boy liked it lu. Yay. Jolly news noh. Always encouraging to know that a super singular reader likes what you write and bam, that’s enough to keep you write about Day Two! 😀

So, news and worries in the car yesterday was about, ‘How would you get to work on Thursday and Friday?’

Eg: – Me : Mother

  • Tuk : LKR 5000
  • Bus : COUNTLESS number of hours on the road
    But I have a book to read, the Kindle with many more books, laptop, internet and a book to write? : death stare
  • Car : PETROL!
  • Sigh.

Moving on to Day Two. Well , our friends at Yes FM said that some soul whizzed from Nawala to Navam Mawatha in fifteen minutes. I haven’t been on a fifteen minute to-Colombo drive since my school days. But yay, noh? But we no take that route noh. We go the fancy Madiwela route that is approximately five kilometres more! But traffic wasn’t so bad. I didn’t kill anyone, nor did anyone try to kill me #PodiWins There were one or two fools, but overall not that fatal. It is my firm belief that we will all become more patient drivers by the beginning of next week.

Travels took the usual hour, gave me one of my now-usual splitting headaches, but it was a good drive. Jayawewa. All junctions are manned by cops however. They don’t control traffic, no. They are too smart for that. Instead, they stand at the turn off to the intersection, wait for the skilled motorist to make their own decisions (so parenty, they are going on us) and then when we make the wrong decision, fine us baby! For we may not do the same mistake again.

Haney manda, MR. Wadudu. On the flipside however, the country looks dashing. So dashing that I was told that last evening’s Battaramulla hiccup was a result of the fools WASHING the roads. The only time I saw people washing the roads was when in Bangkok in 2004. The women would dutifully wash the roads every night. Best part was, they no CHOGM also.


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