Surviving CHOGM: Day One #TheMorningDrive

I said it. CHOGM. It annoys the daylights out of my daylights out my dearest David, so let me say it again: CHOGM, CHOGM, CHOGM,  CHOGM, CHOGM. Buhaha. My day is made. Truth be told, we are still meh-zoned but what the hell, it’s Monday and we are well, there’s four days more for Saturday so let’s throw some sunshine on ourselves aight?

So, this morning while driving to work I was listening to Yes FM, only because MBC/ MTV is the electronic media partners for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, fondly known as CHOGM. For the phonetically sound, it’s /ʈʃɒgm /. That’s how that annoying word is pronounced. So, I was listening to Yes FM and it was a ball of fun. Yes, the DJs speak a LOT, as opposed to Legends (which is our usual morning jam to work) but these guys were funny. Today, they had a list of things to keep in the car for CHOGM traffic emergencies.

Some of them included food, water, a book, car charger. I also think spare clothes would be a good idea IF traffic gets really bad and you find some shady motel, given that all the hotels are taken. Or even that ex-boyfriends house, you know. 

I’m trying to get a daily series of CHOGM traffic blogs going, I don’t know why but I think I might do so just to tell myself that shiz could’ve gone down bad. Or worse, since they are already bad. I’ll upload my route to work too, hopefully those in the vicinity could use it.

Congratulations. I’ve just been CHOGM-ed.

P.S. – Listen to Yes FM! 🙂 At least for this week. Lols. They are bringing back the 90s lu and Akki suggested that we turn up the radios, get out of the car and dance in our undies. Okay, the undies was my dirty afterthought.


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