Surviving CHOGM: Day One #Aftermath

I’m exhausted beyond measure. All I remember is driving from 5.30 pm. But I need to write. Because I’m annoyed at a lot of things that cannot go up on this post, but moreover annoyed at istoooopid pedestrians who cross when the man is red (hello?! did you not go to school?! 90-something-percent literate country!) and motherfuckers who overtake from the left?! What the serious eff. I love driving in nice static traffic, I mean, it’s gets so slow that I could even tweet stuff at @Road_lk (brilliant service, if you live in Colombo, tweet and don’t follow em, go hang yourself. Now.) but at shiz like that? Even I lose my supposed ‘cool’. Sigh.

So, I live in Battaramulla, (lookie me feeding information to stalkers) and work in Navam Mawatha (more info!). Our usual morning route for the past three weeks included going through Madiwela – Nugegoda – Nawala – Narahenpita – Thummulla and then to work. The mothership would then drive her way back to Thimbirigassaya. Not that it was fun or anything, but I mean, three weeks = 21 days = enough time to become a pattern.

BUT. We took the same route this evening too. YES! We were driving around for nearly two hours. Exhausted from work, only being a Monday, worried, constantly worried about how Thursday and Friday would be, how we would get to work and get back home, why companies wouldn’t declare it a holiday?! Sigh. Hungry too.

We usually take the Horton Place to Battaramulla stretch back home. But today we were stuck in traffic for so long. I remember tweeting one minute about the traffic being ordinary at Horton Place and then fifteen minutes later tweeting that we had moved only five feet forward since the last tweet.

The cops. Well, there are two sides to that story. The good stuff first. They were considerate enough to let us take a right from Borella towards Narahenpita. Was able to zoom down Baseline Road (that is what it is called yea?) at nearly 80kmph. But then Nugegoda was a bit of a jam and we avoided Battaramulla and came through Thalawathugoda. But at the same time, there seem to be a lack of cops at crucial junctions?! On Sunday, yesterday I remember driving back from Rajagiriya around 08.45am and there being at least fifty cops. While it is important to have them deployed yes, what about taking care of the usual traffic?! Horton Place, for the number of minutes we spent there, reminded me of ‘Parliament Day’ (Tuesday and Thursday if recall correct) from school days.

Haney manda. All I can think of there being four more days of work and constant visits to the petrol shed.


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