Greetings, for those who read this! Thank yous, actually. It’s actually a big thing if you do read it (you could comment below saying you did, muhaha) given that I seem to be off social media sites. Or the publicise thing-amajig has been turned off noh, noh. Twitter well, I’m off that for a bit until I get my ‘ish togetha!’ (That, is an overdose of Superwoman. Lols.)

So I got all excited about this new deal I was to start, I did some ground work also last week and was keen on getting an intro post out accompanied by a dedicated category and a contact form and you know, the works. But I didn’t. And I’m sorry for that. I also intended to do a whole load of other things this weekend and I’m sorry again. I’ve been constantly sick and I may have an idea of why, but let’s say that I’m not ready to articulate it just about now.

Life is unhappy but we all have the good times and the bad. I thought of Scavenging Happiness and that gave me hope. So did the people I saw today. The happy ones. Or the ones that seemed happy, together. Or with themselves.

Until next time.


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