Happy Halloween, Witches

Hi. Hello, how are you? Do you know why I am blogging now? During work hours?* When I have a horrendous headache that has been bugging the fuck out of me for so many fucking days? Sheesh. So much of rage. Apologies. Didn’t mean to. But this is exactly my mind speaking right now. I have a good friend who asked me if I was borderline – there are ants near the tea cup. ATTACK! – ADHD. Baila.

So so so so so. Yes, I missed my supposed ‘BloggingTuesdays’. Wadudu. Wanted to write something last night, was heavily inspired by this, but got distracted in between and was not really feeling all meta-writeable, you know?

No more short skirts, for a while at least.

No more short skirts, for a while at least.

So so so so so. We are shifting! Offices that is. Let’s say that I can live with that. Live with the fact that I would not be meeting my sister for eclairs that I do not eat during midday or early evening chat on family and ahem ahem people and I dunno, the new shoes from Charles and Keith. Let’s say that I could live with the fact that we would be going AWAY from a place that I was just starting to get all nice and cozy, OKAY?! BUT now, we are removing the effing partitions at work? What the fucking hell man. Like for reals? Whattttttatatatatatatata.


Sighs. My rage flow was shattered. Had a meeting and then was starving. Yes, I had lunch. Haw. Now all the ramas have cooled down.  However, before the great shiftsby, we are taking down the partitions! I know right, WHOA indeed! this obviously means:

*Fewer treats for the children in the room – I’m not much of a foodie so rather feed those who eat.

*Shortskirts might be a tad bit problematic. Especially the kind I have today.

*I can’t do weird moves to One DIrection on 8tracks! Waaaaa.

Okay I am FULL post-lunch. Having tea and have completely lost the ruddy train of thought. Have a good Thursday babies.

*Written during work hours, net was being all anal, so posting now.


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