Reviewed: Why Jesus Christ was No Superstar

With all due respect to Christians, I had to use that as the title. After my religion, I perhaps know the most about Christianity after my Methodist schooling and Orthodox Catholic college life. Lols. However, this has nothing to do with religion, but a mere account of the recently concluded Jesus Christ Superstar (JCS), which was in one word: (a) fail.

Hats off for the singing, but did we even doubt that for a moment? The musical featured a star cast and magnificent voices so undoubtedly, no one was going to complain about the singing. Some parts did get a little pitchy. But I went on a Friday, which was towards the end of the series and perhaps throats were strained and voices not so brilliant. But then again I can’t sing to save my life, so I’m not one to complain.

But besides the singing, what did the production have? Kudos on the costumes, I was especially impressed with the Chicago effect and sheer decadence with the coloured wigs and fabulous legs, and of course when Jesus emerged the born again Elvis. But besides that, the costumes did justice to the period the play was set in, I think so no complaints. I was involved in only one Passion play, and therefore I may not have the authority to hate-talk the entire thing out, but as a theatre-enthusiast I must. Buhaha.

Stainless steel?! Dood. Not cool. The last supper scene could’ve been done with much much MUCH more than that. I don’t even think the silver was applicable at that time. I remember my Director insisting on clay pots and goblets. Maybe it would’ve been messy, but I saw the silver (it had the typical non-majestic-Jerusalem-effect as well) and my heart hurt. It honestly did. I never even knew I had one.

AND THE SET?! Okay, I lied about the last line in the earlier paragraph. My heart BROKE when I saw the set. Yes, there was a lot of movement etc but seriously, that is what they give us? I have not even YouTubed for the original JCS in Broadway or Andrew Lloyd Webber Style, but what was that?! And DO not give me the we-cannot-do-much with Lionel Wendt jazz. One of the first plays I watched post-India was 39 Steps and MY MIND WAS BLOWN AWAY. I couldn’t blog soon enough about that, and regret deeply but that was just amazing: SETS, ACTING, COSTUMES, THEATRICAL CUES and best of all, they had actually carefully exploited the proscenium and it was such a joy to see such an attempt, successful. JCS should’ve done MORE, MORE, MORE with the set. I mean, I liked the backstage-tail-coat-men who would synchronously walk in and lock the ladders but that’s where it ended. I dunno. It reminded me of the time when the Shakespeare Drama Comp (somewhere between 2005-2008 where it was held at BMICH) and Ladies College did a partial-musical performance of The Tempest. The voices were pretty good, especially Miranda’s and Ariel’s But they were not even in runner up, because there wasn’t much acting there. Just all bling, fabulous sets and brilliant voices. JCS worked on the same lines, except that this time around, the brilliant voices were not enough. For me, that is.

  • Acting : 4
  • Singing: 7.8
  • Costumes : 7.5
  • Set and Props : 2
  • Theatrical Devices : 3
  • Sound and Lights : 7
  • The Barthean Quantification of Quality (or overall rating on 10):  4.6

7 thoughts on “Reviewed: Why Jesus Christ was No Superstar

  1. rothbourne says:

    Okay.. although I wouldn’t admit this in a public forum, (because some of the case were my friends, and I’m a very nice person so I don’t want to make anyone feel bad) I am compelled to agree with you.

    I wasn’t impressed with the entire production. I mean there some good things like you mentioned, but the fact remains that it didn’t live up to the hype.

    Despite the star studded cast, the voices weren’t audible in the balcony. the only voice that was clear and good was Mary’s.

    Agree with the set,at first I thought since it was the last show(on Sunday) that the props maybe have been taken down, but then I discovered that was it! it almost looked like an under construction building.

    But despite that I went home and downloaded the album and yep the calm and soothing nature of the original was much better than the rock version they tried to do. I mean I appreciate that they tried something new, but that doesn’t change anything.



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