When the Writer Cannot Write

Hi. That’s me. Not a big fancy writer. But besides the designation, I do consider myself one, because that is something I can do. Not think I can do, I think I’ve gotten over that phase #Win but can do. But now, I can’t write. The block began its build a few weeks ago and now its reach a bit of a pinnacle and I must write. There is a book that awaits and I keep submitting shitty writing after shitty writing.

I cried.

I ironed clothes.

I had cereal.

Then I blogged about how I couldn’t write anymore.

Maybe, it’s about time I go look for another job.

2 thoughts on “When the Writer Cannot Write

  1. rothbourne says:

    Aw man… I know the feels, I’ve experienced this kinda block when designing and it sucks when your work depends on creative thinking/ideas.

    I understand the frustration when you can’t compose one sentence to go with the Facebook post that needs to go up (or rather should have gone up) in minutes from now, before the client notices and calls you asking what a post hasn’t been made!
    I ended up blaming the image for not having enough details or not being self explanatory or blaming myself for not remembering what I had in mind when I took the photograph. 😛

    My somewhat procrastinatory solution is to step outside and grab a bite, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

    anyway That be my experience in having a creative block.

    Hope you manage to pull the plug on that sink hole of a mind and let the creativity drain through. 🙂



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