A Place We Call Home

I was contemplating about the post I took on to write for tomorrow as part of ‘Blogging Tuesdays’ while making my third cup of plain tea. That’s when I fell into conversation with one of our developers by the water cooler and was ‘inspired’ to write this post. His ‘home’ is up country and he was home sick.

For once, I was at a loss for words. My ‘sympathy’ was encouragement for him to visit home as soon as possible.

Since India, my concept of ‘home’ has been problematic. In my final year there, I found ‘home’ and perhaps that threw me off guard in bits after returning home. My supposed notion of identity too rattled away as a result of it.

However, here I was, at a situation speaking to a boy who truly ‘knew’ where ‘home’ was. This boy had not only figured it out a while back, but was also kept away from it, because of uni life and now work. He longed for home, while some of us searched for the address of our ‘house’.

I’m not quite sure if this would come off as controversial, but honestly, it isn’t meant to. That wouldn’t be what I’m trying to do here 🙂

I’m a little bit lost. I think most of us are, once we’ve lived away. We dwell within and without and float in a cloud juxtaposed with reality and nostalgia.

I am not too hopeful about regaining my sense of ‘home’ anytime soon and I think that’s okay to live with. For those of you who already found ‘home’, we are a little jelly yes, but at the same time glad you did. 


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