Working on the Little Things

Lookie me, blogging during work hours, again 😀 I do have work – I DO, I DO! – but I needed a writerly break. Not that I did much writing during the morning hours, was proofreading my own work, haw. I thoroughly dislike that part noh. Also, I know that I did a ‘Little Things‘ post before, but this is a tad bit different aite.

[While I write this, the other two folks in the room seem to be getting a constant row of calls. Why isn’t anyone calling me! 😦 But then, not that I fancy calls that much either. Haney.]

So, working on the little things. Let’s not go all pervy okei. I know that I seem to be doing that since of recent at an alarming rate but blame it on the effing twenties! Tsk.

The Little Things: I’m narrowing the scope of the audience to writers, both new, amateur writers like myself and those wanting to write, but still haven’t found the time, opportunity, state of mind, flow of thought or whatever other excuse you give. Yes, I consider them to be excuses. If the need to write is there, you will write. Even if that means you’d be blogging from work 😉

I’ve been doing all sorts of writing – apart from blogging – since I got back from India *moment of silence* The freelance stuff and now the full-time job stuff and it’s been a good ball of fun. Some projects however, have had good writings yet not so good people on the assigning side of things *raises a cautious eyebrow* But it’s been a lot of learning, a lot of coping that has led to some amount of experience.

While by nature, I’m not an individual who finds motivation in praises and compliments, I am secretly thrilled if I ‘feel the writing is right’. Having said that, as a writer, I also feel that when my client or boss or random reader (of even this blog!) reads something that I’ve written and is able to share the same feeling ‘I wrote to be right’, voilà, your day is made.

So my little sunny thought on this rainy day, work on the little compliments that people give you. Being self-centred is in, my friend. Google, cynosure – that’s you. Even if it is just a ten word sentence they value or praise greatly in the entire 1000 word article, that’s okay! Those ten words are secretly going to help you write better and sunnier.

Happy writing!



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