What Happens When He Finally Calls

You are conflicted by a series of flashbacks. Of the times he once called to the one time he said he would but never did that hour, nor the next or the days that followed.

You are reminded of the time characterised by the dark shades of clothing.

You remember the last time you met, the last time you were cheesy only because he liked it and you strive to please, the last time he dropped you home.

You finally get over him. It wasn’t easy, but you do, you remember God more often than not and He remains your strength as always. You move on in life, with your career and others. The partnerships you form are devoid of emotion. Your Friday date is different from your Saturday date.

You move on with your life as planned. Life gets better. Work gets better. The dates well, are diverse, if not better.

You are amused when he finally calls. You had even begun to wonder if he died. Apparently not. You know you have moved on, there isn’t emotion toying this time. Yet you are confused and are inspired to write an article that is bordering the likes of Thought Catalog.


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