Fasting for Dummies

Eek. I’ve had inquiries! 🙂 Okay, two, two. But still. Makes me sound a fasting Guru aite? Tsk.

To be honest, if it weren’t for religious purposes, I may have not fast either. Fasted either. Do people say fasted? It’s like saying cutted. ‘Have you cutted the sandwich, Alan?’ But then, there isn’t a red line beneath ‘fasted’. Haw moment.

So fasting. No biggie, I love fasting mainly coz I have a poor appetite, saves me time to do other things besides eating and obviously as I am no foodie. There is a definite religious part to it as well. God is good. Praise be to God. No, I’m not mocking God, get that look out of your face, now.

So if you are fasting for the first-est time ever, let me go veteran on you: start small. Yes, it’s all cool how some people go on for days without fasting. >insert Gandhi image if you forgot what he ended up looking like< #NoOffence

So the following compilation wasn’t derived from any ‘source’ as such, just a compilation I drew out based on my few years of fasting.

1. Start Small 

Wait, I already said that. But yes, let me say that again. Start small. DO NOT GET AMBITIOUS IT MIGHT LEAVE YOU LOOKING LIKE that anorexic chick who committed suicide coz she was too fat. Sorry if I’m being meaner than usual but it is vital that this gets across through the mass of hair, through the soft head and in to the skull and whatever other stuff we got in there. You might cause some serious harm to your system if you don’t.

2. The Twelve Hour Rule 

I don’t know what my obsession with fasting for twelve hours is. Even we fast for fourteen. But since it’s not a religious do and unless you are a morning person (which I am by no means not!) I would say twelve hours is a good deal to start with. Maybe you could try twenty-four once a month as a dare. There are some cultures / religious practices that abide to a twenty-four hour fast, however.

3. BIG Breakfast

Not from McDonald’s no. Unless we are talking triple cheese burger and a Chicken McJunior topped with fries and a shake. Slurp. Remember that you won’t be eating anything else throughout the day, you need enough fuel to get through the day and not end up with one of those ‘haw’ faces that generate negative vibes on a Monday morning.

4. It’s Okay to Drink Water 

I mean, we do have access to it, noh. I do pity those who don’t, sorry 😦 But do drink water, no harm in doing so. If you want to completely abstain from food and drink, I’d suggest the minimalising rule as opposed to stopping overnight. Lookie what smokers do, eh.

5. It’s Also Okay to Eat if You Have to 

If your fast begins at seven am and if you either need to beat the midday lag to look all swell for the meeting with the bosses or you are drained so much so that sun and music fail to have an effect on you, eat a cracker. Yes, reach out for and munch munch. You are not going to Hell.

6. Don’t Overdo 

Roll your eyes for all I care, but do not overdo your fasts. If fasting Days 01, 02, 03 went well with twelve hours each, that is not reason enough for you to launch into a twenty-four hour fast on Day 04. Remember you are trying to adjust your body to a pattern it is not used to.

Discipline, from what I know of it, especially that which pertains to your body is acquired over time. Also, it is such discipline that is more consistent than the ones achieved overnight. Kudos to the overnight consistent exceptions though. But fasting even to me, started off small. As a child, I used to fast half-day and occasionally give in to temptations. Over the years, I have learnt to abstain from that which is tempting 🙂

Didn’t feel the need to Google coz I somehow trust my instincts on this one and like most generalisations, you maybe the exception! So improvise to a way that would best fit you and comment if you have suggestions or more stuff to add.

Have a great week ahead!


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