Little Things

It’s been a long time blogging. Ha, see what I did there. I do have work, as always, but nothing between life, death and annoying clients, so work can wait for the moment ish.

Work has been good to me this week. Big boss was in town so everyone was happily loaded with a truckload of work. I progressed in my ‘career’ as well. Now I write, take pics, take and edit vids and do a couple of other things I’d rather not mention, nothing illegal though 🙂

The week also started off well, quite well in fact. Completed with one of my first assignments and it felt good (it felt good for a whole load of other reasons too). Wrote a few fun stuff for a variety of people and they loved it. Nothing beats a happy reader. The health has been problematic however, let’s all have faith in the medicinal men and women and be happy.

I’ve also been thinking of doing a few pseudonym alterations and maybe ‘come out’ after all. Tsk. Shall have to consult the writerly experts me thinks.

A little update for my little number of faithful readers. Comment and let’s get interactive 😉

A week of clarity and perhaps, maturity.

Happy mid-August to us all.

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