On Substances Consumed Muchly

Yet substances I can do without. Note, the absence of the term “addiction”, till now.

Since of recent, rather since I started ‘earning’ post-college, I resumed my work-till-it’s dawn habit. It’s a habit I cultivated since childhood (late then being 11pm) to my teenage years (2am), subsequently followed by college and now work (hovering till 1am ish. 3 am on ‘late’ nights). More often than not, I stay up for no reason at all. Lols. However, there have been those precious nights where much work has been completed, great friendships founded over long-ass IMs and good reads over a relatively less-occupied night.

The habit took another turn of events since I started college. I began consuming coffee at nights too. No, not to stay awake. Trust me, I fall asleep on coffee and lie awake on Red Bull and Piriton. Go figure. But purely coz, I dunno, it seemed like something ‘else’ to do. It usually varies between tea and coffee. Tea is preferred actually, just that coffee seems more convenient to prepare.

Sipping my third cup of tea for the night, my Mum tells me that it is not good for me. My bestfriend tells me the same. The latter also added the probable-iron-deficiency deal also. Haw.

To pacify myself at such instances, I recall the alcoholism attached to ‘writers’. I like to consider myself one, lols and hence, think it’s only right that I get hooked to something! Yet alas. I’m not hooked as the classic alcoholics. In fact, I can do without a cup of tea of coffee or glass of rum and coke (yes, the latter was occasionally practiced in India). But, I need to keep myself occupied during breaks. Clear my mind, get back to the writing and proofread. Thus, making this cup of tea or coffee for me, is not about staying awake, it is about ‘an alternative activity’.

As I informed the mothership, I’m not fixing myself a pseudo cocktail. Nor am I lighting up a cigarette to get the writing going. I’m at home noh. Just engaged in a seemingly mindless activity of brewing a caffeinated beverage 😉

Happy drinking, fellow writers and creators of art.


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