Accompanying Nostalgia

Or harnessing it. I think the more we dwell on it, the more we nurture it? Tsk.

For the few hours I’ve been up – yes, the weather resulted in oversleeping. Not my fault noh. Who asked for rain! ‘Twas a lovely day nonetheless, especially since it was a holiday spent at home. I guess, a change in weather is good. Once in a way. It also recaptures those recent memories you try to forget and makes you want to relive those moments from a lifetime before.

Someone once said we learn something every day. Okei, a lot of people said that. But it also comes down to how much we do with that learning that takes place on a daily basis. If we were doing something, wouldn’t it be possible to move on from that memory you don’t want to be reminded of, that you were capable of successfully suppressing yesterday to only be relived today?

In school, O/Ls followed A/Ls and those exams seemed the end all and be all of things. I was reading a fabulous post by Dili last evening that got me started on the topic. I for one was never big on academics. Despite being in hot pursuit about postrgrad programmes, I think it’s the act of learning that gets me more interested as opposed to genuinely being involved in the process of execution!

Followed by school, was a brief period of work and supposed making money. This might not be a generic experience relatable by all, but hey, we try okei. Subsequently were the three joyous years of university. Intimidating, a sense of not-settled, not-knowing, overwhelming and whole load of other adjectives I cannot seem to recall now.

The three years were successful in making school seem like a child’s play. Exams only got harder, teacher-student relationships became more personal, friendships strengthened and relationships well jaded. Lols. Some of us, clearly need to grow up 🙂

Now that college life is done, life seems hollow. You live in a vacuum for a while, trying to figure out how your degree would get you money and how best you could impart that knowledge of three years to a world and make it a better place, maybe?

You get a job. Things are going okay. Suddenly university seemed like a breeze, especially when you look up for masters programmes and calculate your finances, which are steadily decreasing. Suddenly, you miss the comfort of full-time university, the steady bank balances and the only worry revolving around assignment submissions.

For me, at twenty-something life is only going to be a repetition of, things-were-so-much-simpler-last-year and a series of (what seems like, daily) blog posts.

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