Scavenging Happiness

“This one is for the little things, and the little happiness we scavenge from the chaos of life”

A good friend I shall refrain from naming

I think I may have dwelled on this once before – I really need to do some fancy blog post database thing. Tsk – but I clearly don’t remember and I need to write about it now, to celebrate the moment.

Yes, this post is about celebration and let’s hope it’s a small one. i.e. – the post and the celebration 🙂

The past few weeks were, for want of a better word, shitty. I think that must’ve been established somewhere down the line of posts. Well, they were shitty and God forbid we are done with it. Or that’s what we keep telling ourselves to make sure that we are better off without.

However, with my new branding – lols. I couldn’t help it! – Think Sunny© and possibly the fasting (yes, God is good!) and even the increased workload – yes, overworking is orgasmic in the most-non-sexual-way possible – happiness seems to come by easier. In smaller packages at that.

Work last week wasn’t super productive – sorry bosses if you be reading this – but Friday was fabulous. I ensured to take a little break every two hours, visit the loo, stick my head out of the window and see what I could of the boys standing in little groups smoking coz they think it’s cool. No, I’m not being hypocritical but seriously, while working? Oh yes. Pressure lu.

So, Friday was a good day. No, it was a great day. I hadn’t felt as productive a day or better yet, happier about how the day turned out since I got back from India. (Could this really be the onset of settling back down? Haw. Unsure about the feels for that man.) So, to celebrate my Friday, I indulged at Cup Cafe (yes, pending review!) breaking fast there as well.

It was a meditative evening spent reading a book required for work and generic contemplations.

The weekend, a long one too, has continued to be good. Saturday was spent sleeping. But since last night we’ve been on the work-break-work-break routine and yes, it feels good! Scheduling meals, times to text, bathe, yoga, yes!

For those who don’t get as psyched about scheduling every activity in life, well, it usually works wonders for some of us who have little to do besides work and refuse to leave the house during weekends.

I think tomorrow evening or sometime during the course of the week is a pending celebration, depending on how the next twenty-four hours roll out.

Now, go you deserve a mini celebration for all your hard work. Find that book, movie, friend or cookie that’ll make you a leetle happy. (Or at least return to normalcy after the cringe fest you undergo reading this 🙂 )

Wishing you all a happy Sunday.

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