Reviewed: Carlton Super 7’s 2013 – Launch Concert

Win. It’s a little overdue, I know. That seems to be the case with most of my planned pieces. Tsk. >insert | #ThatAwkwardMoment when you pretend to address a massive-ass readership | tweet< 🙂

So, in the middle of fasting I go for this concert thingy (Yes, judge me). Sister was all hyped up and I went along for company and sisterhoodness. We were in the silver band deal, which meant 3.5k off the first pay. Pain. I didn’t shop because I, a) Was a little broke already b) Forgot about the concert until the day before. Shame. But turned out that my reused top fit in well with the supposed dress code.

So the concert was on July 12, 2013 at CR&FC. Big Reeno (I hadn’t heard of his songs before tbh), Sean Kingston and Taio Cruz found their way to Sri Lanka. I was fasting, so had to break fast with not-so-great-vadas *sigh* and then fabulous food at Taprobane (review, on the way) and tuki-d to CR with Akki.

For starters, there should’ve been a billboard or some LED based thing-a-majig put up at the entrance to Mallalsekara Mawatha stating the different gates for the respective bands. We got off at the 5k / 1k gate, walked up, and then back to where we first were. Thankfully Akki was in good spirits so yay. We weren’t sure if the concert had started as the tickets said ‘Gates open at 7 pm’. There wasn’t live updating of sorts by the organisers, Cantaloupe Playground on Twitter or Facebook so it did make things a little messy.

We were there by 08 pm and turned out that it hadn’t started. Big win. There was a body check and things became more airport-ee when they confiscated, nearly-confiscated, our perfumes. For reals!? I knew we weren’t allowed bottles of water inside, it was stated in the ticket. But, Akki didn’t mention anything about the perfumes. She had read thoroughly it from the sound of it and would’ve mentioned something of that sort, if perfume wasn’t allowed. However, I think the security lady saw our surprised faces and after showing the bottles they had withheld, said, “බෑග් එකේ දලා, ඉක්මනට අතුලට යන්න” or something to that effect. Big win, again.

So we go in trotting through a long-tedious-dansal-like-queue and find our section. The 10k place honestly looked better on the Facebook pictures but hey, cameras and instagram do wonders noh. So first thing I do is try to get hold of a bottle of water. For those who know me, I always have a bottle of water with me since my little mishap. There weren’t stalls in our area so I go under one of those bamboo-cordoning-off thingies to get to a stall. Turned out they didn’t sell water. Haw. Fuck me. So I trot back to my entry point and there is a security guy / police fellow who begins a full-spree of verbal abuses. I wanted to tell him to chill and have some tea but he didn’t seem up for it. Fucker. I was all chill-fied though, told Akki that I’ll get back to our section soon ish. Apparently, she’d heard this man go on about not letting me back in (because I ‘illegally got to the other side’) in a flash of not-so-cool Sinhala words), guess he really needed that tea. So, I find the nearest exit (continuing our imagery of the airport and related airplanes) and there I meet the folks. I wasn’t expecting these guys to be helpful coz of the very inhospitable experiences we’ve faced buying tickets and deals at their offices in Odel and Thimbirigassaya. But after explaining to them my situation, I don’t know if it was the innocent looking face of mine which would have been a little jaded by amusement (by the police guy incident), complacency (tsk), confusion and exhaustion (Friday night, long week at work). Turned out that one of the guys took pity on me *grins* and told me not to worry that he’ll sort it out. We walked back to the other end of the ground, I call and tell my sister that everything is good and stay where I last saw her. He speaks to a more lenient security fellow and tells me that he didn’t want me walking alone all the way back to our gate (turned out the nearest exit lead to the road and from there I had to find my way back to our gate). Nice chap, I’d say. Very gentleman-like and threw a whole new light on the guys at 🙂

It’s turning out to be a long-ish review so let’s do one of those, I-don’t-like-it-but-people-buy-it bullet form deals.

  • Big Reeno went on and on and on and on and ON about him being from America. Seriously man? We were both colonised, you maybe more than us so shut the fuck up. Sheesh. Also, you are black and we are brown: in the white man’s world, neither of us is given more prominence.
  • It wasn’t well planned. The first act started at 9pm with America-is-the-shit Reeno man, followed by Sean Kingston and then Taio Cruz. I mean, it was Friday and I’m used to staying out late, but do tell us if it is going on till 12 am.
  • The ARTISTS WERE LIP SYNCING. Big Reeno didn’t, I think not, kudos on that nigger *tsk* but the others?! They were lip synching at least 89.8% of the time.
  • The gate / bamboo pole broke and suddenly we were amongst the 5k people. It was all cool until the rest of the folks joined us. It was a mad-weed-cock-fest afterwards.
  • A bottle of 500 ml water and 300 ml coke came to LKR 600 bucks, it’s cool paying so much at such an event where no one else is selling water I guess, but there were a lot of drunk people as well. Weird, rich people, I’d say.
  • That’s all I can think of for now. The night became worse when our 2588588 guy got all cocky on us but that’s not the concert’s fault.

i.e. – In conclusion, there are a few things I would like to say:

  • Thank you, Cantaloupe Playground for bringing these guys down. I mean, SL has very few international gigs so good job on organising this. It would be great if more people could take such initiatives in future.
  • The negative-ish review was greatly influenced by the mediocre performances by the artists, you guys are not responsible and sorry if my supposed attack sounded that way.
  •, I am impressed once more by the act of kindness 🙂

Now for the ratings:

  • Organisation: 6.5
  • Information provided: 4.5
  • Entertainment value: 3.4
  • The Barthean Quantification of Quality (or overall rating on 10): 4.2

Attaching a YouTube video coz my pictures were very blurry. Have a good (long) weekend!

2 thoughts on “Reviewed: Carlton Super 7’s 2013 – Launch Concert

  1. Jackinthebox1100 says:

    Oh women its been awhile since I read one of your posts but the language has changed, drastically!! I didn’t imagine you using swear words in your blogs let alone in real life, but hats off to you mate!! Haha! Enjoyed the post, though I should say there was a part where you used a “)” twice which ruined the flow a bit, think it was in that huge ass sixth paragraph, however since I am very kind to you I will let this one pass! Weirdly though when I started reading it I thought this concert sounds like a hit but eventually didn’t end so well. Its was you would have called a bubble burst moment, I think, or is that too girly for the one who swears so freely! Would have preferred a blurry picture instead of a TC video from YouTube. Wonder what the purpose of that was. I really like the ratings at the end and I think given what you have said about the whole experience your ratings are very fair. It must be said also that it did put me in your shoes and by that I don’t mean your four inch heels *hint hint* but it gave me a true sense of what it would have been like had i gone to one of these concerts, minus the perfumes! Overall for the blog I would give it a 9.875 out of 10. :


    • jillinthebox90 says:

      Whoa whoa. Lookie you commenting and all eh. Kisses to you 🙂 Thanks for reading, commenting and the rating. Who would’ve thought, mate! I guess people do go through ‘drastic’ changes *wink*

      I couldn’t find the extra parenthesis even after rereading but thanks for noticing 🙂 The video didn’t seem to have the caption I wanted sadly, “Dynamite” was a song Pavi and I used to dance to while in India.

      P.S. – I wore flats that night 😉



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