A Twenties Thought

Here I am, horribly beyond deadlines, a little unlikely for stuff I take on, but yes, I am passed my deadlines and I’m blogging! While writing that I also realised, (a few days ago first actually) that I use a lot of commas, see?

So I’ve been thinking, and reading some stuff beyond Thought Catalog (no offence to those guys, love them but they do get a tad bit repetitive to the extent of being preachy) and you know got me thinking to, why not write a Twenties post! Buhaha. I’ll try not to sound a little – for want of a better word – preachy, but if I do forgive me for I speak from experience.

Twenties is when you are in between places, or so they tell you and so it feels that way. So far, to me it feels that way though. You study one thing and then end up building a career on something horrendously different. Earliest twenties and its charitable motives take a backseat when work, friends and alcohol enter the picture after graduation. Before you know it, you are sitting in a bar, mixing your long island and thinking to yourself, what-the-fuck-am-I-doing-with-my-life. The following week you find yourself at the same bar, this time at the dance floor, feeling less guilty.

You long for weekends but Monday comes before you can dry your laundry. This is actually the case when you live in the Tropics with unpredictable weather and an even more unpredictable and unreliable Met Department.

Work becomes tedious, monotonous, hectic and you long for your Friday. TGIF some call it. Yet, being the workaholic you are, you take either up more work to earn more money or like some of, to find your breaking point and well, break or well bend that your TGIF becomes a drink from Hell.

Relationships become problematic. Okay this one is a specific scenario and generalisations might prove to be complicated. In this case, attachments become less frequent, insensitivities become more apparent and the next thing you know, you are nodding your pretty head away to a marriage proposal. On the contrary, you get the blessed ones who find true love, get married and live the life we all dream of. I’m sure they a whole load of different problems to deal with but for a majority of us, love relationships are not a piece of cake. Or pie. Pudding.

Introspection. I don’t know if it’s the subjects I majored in or my growing fondness in hermit-ing myself, but being the narcissistic bitch I am, I love evaluating myself, looking back at what I’ve done, the drunk nights, the good nights, the boys, the girls and the list goes on. I think of ways the days could’ve shone brighter or curtains drawn faster. I wonder why I chose not to drink and drive yet why I didn’t stop at the pedestrian crossing and get fined.

I need to write some reviews soon for these show-stuff-things I’ve been going for. Will do when I feel like it’s not too late and the mood’s less introspectively-morose 🙂

Comments from those in their Twenties and advise from those beyond, are welcome. For those who are yet to reach the second decade, enjoy your time at school. It was one of the best I ever had.

God loves us all.



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