Happy Meals Are Not Restricted to McDonald’s

Says the non-foodie. True, I’m not a foodie. I just eat because I’m greedy. I have a quite a big appetite and unless I workout I will become that Malay size. No offence folks. To be honest, I think my appetite is a result of my gastritis, which takes a toll on me at its own whims and fancies. No wonder I have a triple cheese burger, fries, coke and another burger (the inclusion of the latter varies on the momentary hunger) as opposed to a miniature Happy Meal.

Don’t get me wrong. I used to love Happy Meals. I even had a massive collection the toys they gave. But the collection arrived at a standstill after I was like eleven or something. When McDonald’s first opened in Sri Lanka, the late 90s, if I recall correct, my entire family went to Kollupitiya and pigged out on Big Macs. I was still considered a child then. It’s alright if you are judgemental at this point 🙂

So that brings me to why I think Happy Meals are universal, even in countries that don’t have McDonald’s and places like India where I buy a Chicken McSpicy as opposed to my regular order of a triple cheese burger. So I’m ‘going to go’ real lame now (not that I’m not otherwise anyway). When a non-foodie, or the majority of foodies, claims to be happy after a meal, BINGO! You got yourself a happy meal. Haha, it seems 🙂

To my dismay, that didn’t phrase out exactly the way I would’ve liked it to. Happy meals are not restricted to a three-bite burger, lousy ten fries, small coke and that plastic piece of a toy. To me, it entails the happiness generated out of a meal. Being a non-foodie and viewing food as a functional entity, food doesn’t really make me happy. Even eating out hardly has its magic. [A personal recommendation, Bayleaf, seemed to bring me happiness. Lots of it.] So food makes me most happy when I cook it. The labours and total consumption of energy that is required by cooking brings me more happiness than eating. However, having said that, should I feel that blur of bliss one feels after the last mouth, I know it’s been a happy meal.



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