On Writing

One word: it pays! Who knew? Okay, maybe a lot of people did, but I surely did not. In fact, I am still sceptical of my said ability to write. True I maintain a blog and wrote for a newspaper once upon a time, but then both fields are not limited to those who can merely write, right? I know folks who have blogs and don’t classify themselves writers and journalists who write ninety words, claim it an article and hand out business cards in the name of being a journalist. Chee, noh.

So, apparently I can write. Yes, that is still news to me. I was doubtful of being able to do anything at all besides make relatively decent rice and curry and do some bits of basic housekeeping. But I can write also, lu. Jolly. Best news that hit me a few days ago was that it also pays. A lot. Like a lot. Buhaha. It still comes as a surprise to me because I am still under the assumption that anyone can write. Look at what Jillinthebox90 says somewhere on the right pane of the blog? Yes. Anyone can write. It’s like dancing. Anyone can dance. You just write to your heart’s content so as long as you get the annoying grammatical jazz correct. So much pressure on that end I must admit. Being a postcolonial, non-native-English speaking country, they expect their people to have correct agreement subject-verb; I mean accurate subject-verb agreement. Sigh. Gets to you after a while noh.

Then we are not even going to dwell on the subject of the loss caused to the native language. Trust me. I don’t even know what my native language is? Happens to mixed breed jokers like us. We are messed up everywhere. From all places, in all aspects. God forbid, they breed more of our sort. Let’s hope they don’t and stop at my generation. Yes! I am breeding same-uhm-religion-children. One has to take precaution these days, with my father’s kind beating up my mother’s kind. Lols. Bad jawk.

So yes, writing is a good prospect. If you think you can write, hesitate you must not! Join LinkedIn. Bad jawk, again 😀


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