Tertiary Education in SL for Dummies

So you are done with your first degree. Back – ‘home’, I am tempted to say, – in India, an undergraduate degree immediately follows a postgraduate degree with no work in between. However, over here things take a different turn to things. A one that is not too pretty, I’m afraid.

The content that follows is based purely on experiences encountered the past few weeks.

Postgraduate degrees take a turn (for the worse) when:

a) You are a girl.

b) You are Muslim.

c) You are in your early 20s.

d) I’m not even going to write this.

The questions you are subjected to could be any one (or more) of the following:

a) What do you want to study?* (If you are clueless it usually follows a -) You must at least have an ‘idea’ of what you want to study?

b) (If in the event of having stated broader areas of study) You have to be specific about you want to study?

c) (When visiting local universities) At least two years of work experience is required. (Your response being) I’ll see you in 2015 (bitch.)

d) (When calling up universities that don’t require work experience) I’m sorry our intake was in February. You can try for January 2014. (Yeah I’ll just be an year older. Not necessarily wiser but drawing closer to my marriageable age).

e) (When emailing local universities) Being replied with the email you sent them a few weeks ago.

f) The dread of waiting for foreign universities to respond.

g) Saving the best for last, “You are too young to do your Masters.” (I hope all you Indians are reading this. 22 is too young. I repeat, twenty-two is too young.)

May God save us Graduates.

* A rhetorical question in my opinion. It’s like asking someone what they want to be or better, what their purpose is in life. I’m sorry but not all of us had our ‘calling’.

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