The Shift from Kurthas to Corporates

So we went shopping today. Yesterday, to be more precise. Disaster. Let me repeat, disaster. Where do Sri Lankans shop?

Or maybe, a small voice tells me, I like my kurthas. And pattiyalas. And dupattas.

What India does to you, I say.

Who knew settling back will prove to be this difficult? Especially when you are not comfortable in your own clothes, to start with. Yes, I know kurthas won’t work here. But still. The comfy, uncomplicated university student life.

I miss it. Badly.

The 7.30 am waking ups, cereal and coffee, walk to college at 8.15 am. Well this part hasn’t happened in a while with the extended three weeks of exams and study holidays before that.

Or maybe, like I just confessed to a friend, I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms from the Friday night partying. Fuck man. I don’t even want to go out any more. Getting out of the house today was a disaster.

India made me domesticated, I would like to think. Maybe I am cut out for the domesticated lifestyle also * winks * Aunties, get ready!

OR, I am just becoming lazy. I am swinging by life thanks to my dearest Mommy and Sister who seem to pay for my clothes, food, transport, credit and whatever else I seem to ask. I am just getting comfortable sitting at home, not  doing anything.

Ideas, anyone? Someone? 😀


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