Fainting for Dummies

So for the first time in my life today, I fainted. I always thought it’d have more Anne Shirley romance but sadly, it had none of it. I broke a table. But hey, I’ve always been wanting to write a dummy series – tsk – followed by a review series. Keep your fingers crossed!

So after having been brought to life by the two lovely, pretty, intelligent, I-will-stop-there Nepali girls, who helped me to the bed in the hall – yes they have a bed in the hall – I knocked off in about half an hour after having Googled as to why you faint and what you do when you faint and how to prevent fainting and symptoms that you are about to faint and zzz.

So here are a few things I thought you should know about what you should do, when you faint, as the pass-out-er.

*Do not panic – I know it’s obvious but even if you are in pain, just try not to show it as much, unless you are bleeding your red blood cells off. It just causes unnecessary Rama.

*If you can speak, just say, “Water” and try to throw in an “I’m okay” (if you can).

*Find yourself to a bed / mattress / floor and lie down. Switch on a fan and  / or open a window. Point being, get some air in to your system, lungs, and wherever else that air finds itself to.

*Drink water.

*Sweets! I had chocolate chip cookies at 4.30 am. Mind you, I’ve got no sweet tooth but it was like manna in my mouth 😀

*Apologise for the broken table.

*Fire up https://seniinthebox.wordpress.com/2013/03/30/fainting-for-dummies/ 😉 or Google to soothe your yourself.

*If you live away from home, do not call them up at 4.30 am. You are not dying for Heaven’s sake. Grow up.

*Wake up the next morning and ask your Mum to call you and explain the situation. Tell her you’ll be be a good girl (or boy) and go check your BP in the evening from the nearby Hospital. Like seriously, I’ll suggest you go but if you think you are okay types, it’s alright to miss today but do go within the next few days to pacify yours and Mum’s paranoia.

*Have breakfast and start a new collection of candy in your handbag / wallet.

*Go home and write a blog about it. Also, you are entitled allowed to use it an excuse to not study!


However, on a more serious note, it’s not that much of a big deal. And no, I’m not being modest but, there are worse things that happen to people so quite worrying yourself. 


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