More Troubled Times

N.B. – Jillinthebox’s opinions are her own. Facts are subject to approximation.

So I haven’t been following the news much. Shame on me, once-upon-a-time-journalist. It’s not as though I’ve studied for my finals either. Well there were other matters of concern such as Sims 3 (I so need to get a few expansion packs), pc issues, staying up to date with some serials I watch, planning stuff, going on BBQs, crying that college is over and trying to get more reading done on the new e-reader (yes I got one, yay!). But I opened my Ada Derana app while waiting for lunch today and I realised I had to post something. This instant. Much had happened and is happening since my last Troubled Times post and hello! I haven’t even enlightened my dear readership (assuming I have one to start with! And yes, iisuperwomanii is so getting to me. Tsk.).

So this post is an off-shoot (I seem to increasingly take a liking towards that word) of the DMR pictorial on the Buddhist monks protests over what happened in Tamil Nadu a few days ago. According to ‘media’ a monk and a few pilgrims were attacked in TN after arriving from Delhi. Please read the disclaimer, again.

So the following analysis – which I hope is one – is based on the pictures posted by Daily Mirror and my interpretation of the same. What I first see is anger. Lots of rage flying all over Galle Road. Next, I see Gandhi.

Sri Lankans, please note that India does not define itself through Gandhi. Yes, he is an important person in their path to peace and nationhood and of course, non-violence but it is amazing to see the number of Indians who are anti-Gandhi.

Also a note to Indians, from a Sri Lankan living in your country atm, Sri Lanka is not defined by the Buddhist majority or should I say, a few angry (young) monks.

I don’t know much on the philosophy of Buddhism or it’s teachings, practices and so on. But I do know that as a religion slash philosophy, it preaches what all religions do: peace, co-existence and tolerance.

The monks carry placards of Gandhi and his slogan of non-violence. And what do you monks (assuming that there is a blog-post-reading-monk-population) do when you stomp to the SL High Commission of India? Your faces, Heaven forbid if I read them wrong, did not seem peaceful, tolerant and ones that sought co-existence. And, I’m not even going to reiterate the recent problems caused towards other minorities (read, ones that I belong to).

Tomorrow is a big day for the genocide-practising, Pearl of the Indian ocean when the entire world decides to vote against (or for, hopefully) us on the new HRC resolution.

What I don’t seem to understand is, these protests held are not in favour of: the armed forces who died at war; definitely not in favour of the minorities who died third-party deaths, the Indians living in Sri Lanka and vice versa because of education, employment, marriage, whatever.

(I refrain from commenting on the world taking a stance for/against the HR violations in SL during war-time as it is a politically motivated, ‘subjective’ decision.)

However, on the protests and petitions I do, mainly because I (speaking for only myself) do not believe in them, or their effectiveness. A few days of fasting will not bring back the dead, will not make governments enact an anti-corruption bills *cough* and I dunno make countries vote for us for sure. On the other hand, keeping quiet would also make us seem guilty of the ‘crimes’ committed.

So I don’t know what I’m proposing. Maybe I’m not proposing anything. But then, I’ll be apathetic, which I don’t want to be. Dante thinks that’s the worse crime man can commit. So no. That leaves me clueless, like most people crossed between the two countries that once shared (and still does) so much of culture, economy and a whole load of inbetweens. For now, I am worried. For my country, for my people, for my people harassed by ‘other’ people and for the country I have lived in and grown to love.

If people believe in reconciliation and rehabilitation, I would love if the world can give us a chance. I mean, our 22 million is nothing in the seven-billion strong world population. Our country and her events are  insignificant. I mean, a new Pope got elected – congratulations Sir – divert your attention there for ‘Christ’s’ sake – no pun intended 😀

As a twenty-something-year-old, speaking with a mind of a six-year old, all I can pray is for the world to give us a chance and help us emerge a stronger nation bearing a people with conviction and of course more airports.


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