Five Things

Two posts in a matter of few hours? What gives! Pure procrastination 😀

So I found this from Just Another Teen Blogger’s blog, who had found it from another blog and you know how it goes. For someone who doesn’t dig these things, I found it quite fun.

So here goes.

Five Things

* You’ll find in my purse:

– Wallet

– Pouch with meds, mirror, hand sanitiser, perfume and Vaseline

– Specs and shades

– A bottle of water (most of the time at least!)

– Pen and a notebook

I think the phone, Kindle and iPod should be taken for granted! 😀

* You’ll find in my bedroom:

– Books – of all sorts

– Bags in a laundry basket

– Recreational stuff – board games, Barbie dolls and crayons

– Candle(s) and a matchbox – not for romantic purposes but to battle out unexpected power cuts

– Laptop and other stuff that come with it

* I’ve always wanted to:

– Go to the Maldives by myself

– Write a book

– Raise a child – even if s/he is not my own

– Complete a music composition

– >I’ll get back on this one 🙂 <

Yes I inserted an image too!

Yes I inserted an image too!

* I’m currently loving:

– *incoming vain moment* My hair! – the colour and the way it looks and of course my hairdresser :’)

– India!

– The relatively routine-d workouts

– How perception seems to be working

– Life, as it is – most of the time at least 🙂

* Quirks I have:

– A silent sufferer – lols

– Relatively uncontrollable facial expressions or as my friend tells me, I think ‘aloud’ too much

– Value sleep only when required

– Work on extremes, 3/4 of the time – either a complete workaholic or a complete vacationeer. No in betweens. Works in almost all contexts.

– >I’ll get back on this one 🙂 <


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