I Kept My Word

It’s a phrase we all use, at times in negation too, “You didn’t keep your word” – usually accompanied with that accusing index finger. But for most of the part, most of us, if not all, try to ‘keep our word’. For me, it boils down to integrity towards myself and God, most importantly. I like to think that God and I have a good relationship going on and it is important for me to work towards maintaining that.

In one of my favourite literature classes, we recently had a discussion on honesty and integrity. My teacher tells me how kids are no longer taught ‘honesty’ in moral sciences classes but are instead taught integrity. ‘Lying’ today becomes allowed in certain social situations, so as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. I dunno, a little weird imo.

Having grown up to the ‘old school’ method, no, not that I don’t lie, but I am a little averse to it yes, among many other things. Hence, when my Mother asks me to not do something, well I won’t. Also as kids, I think we grew up with a sense of trust that was placed upon us. Mama seem to let us work on and evaluate our self-critiquing abilities since our younger days. She still to-date places this, “You know what is best” line on us, which is, scary. Relating this incident to a friend, he questioned me on why I do not exploit that freedom. But, I can’t right? That’s not right. It’s like food without salt for me. Doesn’t work.

But today, I don’t know how much of it works. At least when folks have kids over twenty-one. That is the legal age they say. It’s a pity how legality is by no means an indication of maturity.


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