A Week in Progress

I do not know which week I speak in reference to. Since my once upon a time, very brief career in print media, I begin my week on Sundays. My week on the phone, Sims, pc and so on all begin on Sundays. Well I do like Sundays. Like it is Sun + day. I am a supposed sun lover too so it makes sense. Sundays in India however are equivalent to fourteen hours of sleep and breakfast at 3 pm.

It’s been a weird week.

It’s been a sad week.

Fuck. It’s been depressing even.

It’s also been a long week, despite ‘my week’ officially not being over. But it’s a holiday tomorrow and the day after that and despite the programme on Saturday, the long weekend officially signifies the end of the week and the beginning of less productivity.

When time floats about with no solid plan, it is time gone astray. Good time wasted on absolutely nothing. The time results in inactivity which is equivalent to thinking time which well, is suicidal.

I learnt how higher institutions employed power through what I call inefficiency. I learnt how one refused to have faith in the capacity and dedication of their minions. I dealt with people whose education did not speak for their immaturity.

The last sixteen days of January began with the Holocaust. It progressed to exams.

A friend left us to a better a place.

Friendships became stronger.

God still loves us.


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