On Motivation

Yes, I do have an exam tomorrow but I dunno, when lightning strikes, one must write. Lols. Sorry but I couldn’t think of another way to open the post.

Curiosity led me to read a little more about Icarus. I think it may have been the overarching influence of Dionysus and those Greeks who will be resurrected in tomorrow’s paper. I had a read somewhere about this guy earlier, but my best memory of him was when a band named “Icarus” played for TNL Onstage  somewhere within the past six years.

So Icarus’ hamartia was his hubris or failed ambition. Wiki tells me that hubris as also the loss of contact with reality. A bit like Plato’s artistic world I guess where poets and artists are twice removed from reality.

But in this criticism of Icarus, Wiki also tells me about his attempt about having tried to conquer the skies. True he did not pay heed to his father’s warning and flew too close to the sun. Ass like Franklin I suppose. But then maybe he was a sun lover, hey, I’ll totally sympathise.

So he fell to the waters and the event was scarcely noticed. Having said that, his fall did become significant enough for paintings and poems and legends and Wiki pages to emerge.

Like most of my essays in the papers I write, I fail to come to the point.

It’s okay to try and fail, you can always try again. If you are dead, like this guy, fear not for legends will be written about you, even on the internet. All hope is not lost. Hope is never lost. There is always something for all of us out there. I was watching a bit of YouTube last evening, a clip recommended by a friend, it goes on to say how we are allowed to have just ‘one’ significant person in our life of the seven billion out there. Clearly we are not talking polygamy, extra-marital affairs or those who like having a few folks around their waists.

Life isn’t all about achievements, for a non-academically-smart person (yes, the narcissist in me likes to think that I am otherwise smart) let me tell you that it’s okay to try again. It’s okay to take on a lot of things that will fill your plate to the brim. Life gets funner that way. You realise what you are truly good at doing in the process. You realise that education as a mere necessity to get the job you desire but not necessarily the be all and end all of things. If you can’t pay for it or if you can’t study, it’s okay coz God’s got a better plan for you out there.

It is shining outside 🙂

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