On Saturday

Saturday. A lazy Saturday evening. Sitting at home, celebrating #NationalNoBraDay not because it is #NationalNoBraDay but because I feel like it and wondering why I am not studying or reading any of the books I have or watching those endless movies I download. Not that writing is bad anyway. Oh well.

It is not going to be a seamless post, coming to think of it, none of them are. The week’s break between papers does no one any good, I’d say. Did a bit of studying, did some shopping, lots of window shopping and spent hours in a book shop. Yes, nearly five hours of retail therapy and recollection of solitary yearnings?

The past twenty-something years were unplanned for. Okay, I acknowledge God’s plan yes, but at times, what has happened in life, has absolutely no explanation for it. I have grown to not live in regret and to not keep grudges. I don’t know if it’s genetic or if it is genetically possible to start with, but life is too short to make someone else’s life miserable, I’d say. If there are grudges left unacknowledged till date, that is only because we all need to make allowance for healing time. I write, cook and yes, window shop to make amends but as the cliché goes, only time takes care of things.

Some tell me that I’m likeable, all I can say is that I sure hope so as my friend circle is very small – here’s to not hoping it’ll grow any smaller! Not that it’s a bad thing. I like groups in small numbers, makes things less complicated and it’s easy for information to get around. I also like my exclusive little group of friends, makes me appreciate the world a lot more and mostly, tells me that I am in fact capable of making friends. Total win indeed.

As most of my posts so far have been and as the unwritten posts will state, I don’t know how life would be in a few months time. I have not six but seven subjects the next few months, thanks to my handy work in the fourth semester and provided I graduate, there will be no “Life in a New Land” tag any more. I don’t know I feel about that. It’ll take a while to get used to things that never was, expanded structures, more resources and I don’t know, matured individuals?


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