God Save Us All

Two posts in a day. Yes. Very unlikely. Fyi, times are not changing. I just have an abundance of time to study, watch a gazillion videos and send in my content writing articles, yet I choose to write. Someday hopefully, I write a book and my agent will be very happy with this post and make me live on writing. Like forever. Yes, I’ll buy loads of Mango handbags and maybe a few Louis Vuittons too. Yes. I feel too very Carrie Bradshaw atm.

So why am I writing again? I don’t know really. Some weird source of inspiration just hit, you know. Brilliant dinner courtesy the room-mate and bits and pieces of news: the Maldivian President, the never-ending Muslim rage, the murder of the cough syrup, the KFC issue and then the match loss. Honestly, none of these necessarily interest me. I mean, I’ll still want to go the Maldives, I’ll still be a Muslim, I’ll still take some cough syrup, have KFC and not watch cricket. They do affect me, in as much as it affects any other twenty-something year old undergoing diasporic interventions. So then, why am I writing again?

I would like to dwell on two cases: the Muslim rage and the cough syrup issue. I don’t quite know much on either, but I like to think that I know a bit more at least in comparison to the others.

I don’t know where this Muslim rage began. A recent essay I read on the “Clash of Civilisations” by Samuel Huntington (no I didn’t find it on my own, it was prescribed) he goes on to explore the idea of Muslim rage and when and where it began. I don’t quite recall its exact contents but from what I did understand it seems to have been prevalent from the beginning of time or from some 1500 odd years back. In our defence (since I would like to think of myself as an outcast-Muslim representative) not all of us are so messed up. People like myself, do not even wear a hijab so yes I agree with you fundamentalists, we are not allowed to represent the religion. But does it only come down to looking the part? Heavens, I know people who do wear the hijab, even the niqab at times and are the biggest hypocrites on Earth. I like to think that God dwells in us, in our Ibadath and most importantly, around us. He is in fact, omnipresent and given that, the actions of you extremists are supposed to be a manifestation of Jihad is a whole load of bull. Islam is a religion of peace. The very letters are indicative of the mandatory prayers. So your actions, your #MuslimRage advocated through various social media networks is wrong. As a non-Hijab wearing, half-bred Muslim, belonging to a sect that practices culture through song and dance and is therefore looked down upon in her own country, all I can say is, God is watching.

As for the cough syrup issue, while I do sympathise with the families of those who died, I think the action taken was very impractical. If the Government decides to ban everything that kills a few people, how come alcohol and tobacco and whatever else are still around? [Just so you know, I’m Marxist that way. I measure people with their levels of productivity. If you don’t work and if I don’t like you, I may not be kind to you. I’m sorry but I think I’m programmed that way.] Next thing we know, (as a friend of mine tweeted) tomorrow they will find out that piriton actually causes internal allergy or paracetamol does in fact kill you slowly, or *ahem* softly and ban that too. Nonsense. Not that my opinion counts, but hey, blogs are for thinking aloud eh?

They impress on you as a favour that they have embraced Islam. Say, “Count not your Islam as a favour upon me: No, Allah has conferred a favour upon that He has guided you to the Faith, if you be true and sincere. Surely Allah knows the Unseen of the heavens and the earth: and Allah sees well all that you do.

– Al-Quran 49:17-18



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