01.42 am.

An early Sunday morning. Not an uncommon occurrence I think. I’m not meh this time around, on the contrary, I am quite content and motivated to write. Early morning Sunday Happiness I guess.

My first paper went well, I think. For starters, I didn’t fall asleep so I guess that’s hope there. Gauging myself on that criterion, I think I have absolutely all the right to celebrate! However, the ‘mature’ voice within me pleads to convert that joy to motivation and study harder for my most favourite subject, linguistics.

Recalling from Friday, “The time is now,” as FISA-B ex-President told us. That’s when I realised that it is my last October in India. The next few months will be my last few months in India, provided I pass all my subjects, which I sincerely do hope to. I mean, all of me hopes to graduate next year. However, I am still unsure as to how I feel about leaving India actually. I maybe starting to like India, one of those unconditional positive regard ‘types’ 🙂

The time is nowIt’s my penultimate end semester exam to ‘prove’ myself, to myself, let alone anyone else. I know that I am not academically smart but then academics is about making yourself academically smart, I think. I also think that I used “academic” one too many times in that sentence. Teh lulz #TwitterInfluences

My carpe diem moment, a cup of coffee, some U2 and some self-inflicted sunshine. Just what I need to keep studying.

God is good.


4 thoughts on “01.42 am.

  1. xjustanotherteenblogger says:

    Oh wow, you do Linguistics! I’m planning on doing that as one of my majors next year! :] What is it like? Heaps of people told me that have a love-hate relationship with it, others said they outright hate it so I don’t know what to think! Haha.

    Good luck with all the studying and exams! I’m sure you’ll do great :]


    • jillinthebox90 says:

      Well, I’m reading for my BA in English Studies and it’s actually offered only as a subject this semester. I do agree with the love-hate relationship. I mean I love the subject to bits, so much so that I stayed up all night studying the stuff I disliked! 🙂

      Do take up the subject! Okay, that’s just my biases speaking. Lols. But try it and see. If you don’t love it at first sight, you may grow to love it. Good luck.


      • xjustanotherteenblogger says:

        Haha thanks! :] I just wanted to get someone else’s opinion since I’m going to be studying it for three years! I’m gonna be doing a combination of Linguistics and Spanish so hopefully they’ll balance each other out somehow :’] I’ve wanted to take Linguistics for ages so hopefully it lives up to my expectations! :]



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