On Procrastination

Ever since the August 17 fall, things have been lame – literally as well, in the context of the knee. I don’t know when things started falling apart actually. Prayers and yoga stopped sometime ago, then it took the happier state of irregularity, which is a good thing. But, the lists that clog my planner, make me feel as though I do not deserve a planner. I do things on impulse now, which is not a good thing.

Even the very fact that I took ‘time-off’ to post this speaks a lot about my value for time. The thing with time is that there is so much of it that  you take it for granted and in the end, it’s gone, your moment is lost and you didn’t even see that happening. I’m not trying to advocate my recent Carpe Diem acquisition, but it is true after all yea. Seize the day while it is there, for as the cliché goes on to say, tomorrow may not come.

I’ve tried to get check all pending tasks and things are moving slowly, but surely. There are times I would like it to move faster, but clearly the reins on this horse seem to not be working. Talking to ‘older’ adults or mentors do not necessarily help the situation either, as they only advise you on how you should ‘plan’ things better. Yes, that is what I’ve done since I turned fifteen. I wonder at times if they forget of their period emerging adulthood while growing up.

Life is funny. That is an established fact. Oh and hats off to Mr Bacon for inspiring me with titles.

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